How to select the top CBSE schools in Gurgaon for your child?

Schools play a significant role in shaping a kid’s career. While looking for the best school, parents find it confusing to choose between the boards. After figuring out the boards like CBSE, it gets difficult for them to choose the Top CBSE Schools in India.

There are different curriculums in India, and they all have their specialty. Through this write-up, we will help parents figure out why CBSE schools are best for their children and how to select the top CBSE schools in India. 

6 Reasons why CBSE Schools should be your choice

Government Recognized: The Government has recognized CBSE as a national-level education body in India. All the curriculums are organized as per the Indian government guidelines. When the education system is approved and provided by the Government itself, it becomes easy for parents to trust the education system. 

Uniformity: When a school is under the CBSE curriculum, it is recognized by the National Council of Education Research and Training. Uniformity here is maintained by allowing students from affiliated and non-affiliated boards to appear for the exams. 

Language options: Hindi and English is the most common language in the Indian education system. With CBSE schools, parents can allow their kids to learn some foreign languages like Spanish or French. With this opportunity, students can look further into doing abroad education. 

No Global Board Hindrance: CBSE is a globally recognized board. Wherever your child goes, the CBSE board will never become a hindrance in their path of learning. Moreover, there are many schools abroad that follow the CBSE Curriculum. 

Exam patterns: CBSE schools follow a defined exam pattern to check student knowledge. All the questions in CBSE exams demand direct responses. When students are asked to share their understanding of the topic, learning becomes easy and time-saving. 

Growth: CBSE Schools focus on the curriculum and building students’ mental and physical health. When a board focuses on improving students, it becomes easy for the parents to choose. 

How to choose CBSE Schools? 

After knowing about the CBSE Board, let’s help you with some points you should check before sending your kid to CBSE Schools. 

Timing: This is the foremost thing to look at. Whether you are looking for Top CBSE Schools in Gurgaon or any location, timing is the first thing to check. School timing will help you plan your child’s daily routine smartly. No one wants their child to go through a tough routine. To make it work, it is better to know the timing before. 

Distance From Home: For the students, it is comparatively better to have schools nearby. This saves the students’ travel time and allows them more time to focus on self-studies. Almost all the schools have carpool or bus facilities, yet searching for schools that are half an hour away is recommended. Above that, do not forget to check if the school travel service drops the student near the home location. The point is to make your and your child’s time less on traveling. 

Teaching Method: When we talk about schools, it should be more students driven. A student should get what the teacher intends to deliver. The sound teaching method involves constant and polite help from the mentor, a positive class environment, opportunities to practice what has been taught, and, most importantly, a sound evaluation system. When students are told to go through constant evaluations or examinations, they tend to loosen their charm for learning and growth. Before allowing your kid to go to any CBSE school, make sure you get a light on teaching methods. 

Core Principles: Every school has a list of codes and conduct. Parents should read those codes and conducts. This will help them learn the value school holds when they go through the code and conduct list. These codes and conducts make students follow the discipline. It also makes the school stand by its values. 

Infrastructure: This era is about “More the merrier.” A parent feels secure in sending their child to schools with a solid infrastructure. Classrooms should be tech-friendly today; a loaded library should be there, and an outdoor co-curricular activities zone is important. Before sending your kid to any school, it is highly recommended to check the infrastructure. Thanks to the websites, parents today can have the school tour by staying in their comfort zones. 

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Class curricular: Every teaching cannot be imparted via books; some need activities. A sound school should have a set of creative teachers to make the lessons more about activities. When students are involved in activities, they tend to learn better, remember better and perform better. It is best if the school conducts expert sessions, allowing for deep knowledge on the subject.

Extra-Curricular: A school should never be about books. It should be equally about making a student activity. An ideal school should have extra-curricular days like basketball matches, cricket, dance, singing and painting. This will allow a student to involve more in school time with learning.     


Deciding on a school for your kid is not a causal decision; you get responsible in shaping your kid’s life. A decision this crucial should be made after checking ins and outs. With the detailed guide presented, find the best schools in India for your child and make them the best version of themselves. 

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