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How Can Video Content Help With SEO Strategy for a Brand

If you want one reason why creating video content for your business or brand is a very good idea, then it’s Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is not only the stepping stone of your overall digital marketing presence, but it has also proven to have a strong influence and direct impact on your key parameters and goals like customer engagement, brand awareness, conversions, and sales.

SEO is influenced by far more video footage than most people are aware of. Imagine spending a whole lot of time, effort, resources, and money planning producing and editing videos, but they are not ranked and not accessible to consumers when they ask for them. It all goes down the drain.

First of all, you must understand that video SEO differs from regular SEO and has also changed a lot in the last few years.

What is Video SEO?

Video SEO simply optimizes your video so that it is indexed for related keyword searches and placed on search engine results pages. There are several optimization strategies to increase your chances of ranking your video and making it available in the top strata when the focus of it is searched.

If you want to gain a good ranking for your brand, you must enrich your videos with sharp SEO. This is also related to your website permissions, its objective and focus point, and its ranking among video-related queries. Your ulterior motive should be to reach the top in video search.

Optimize Your SEO Videos 

1. Choose the right platform

When choosing a video hosting platform, you need to consider what your goals are, and why you want to rank your video. You must choose a platform or a channel that helps you optimize your video to get website traffic, enhance brand awareness & leadership, depict a better portrayal compared to competitors, and gain new leads using SEO.

2. Make sure the thumbnails are attractive

Video thumbnails are what searchers see when a video is indexed in the ranking system. Thumbnails are beautiful, compelling, yet relevant book covers that attract viewers and can be SEO enriched. Therefore, it plays an important role in the Google ranking system, taking your videos from bottom to top.

3. Include video transcripts

When you scroll through your YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook feed, you’ll see multiple videos with subtitles next to them. You can also see them in various languages (only the good ones). You can use a professional online video editor to help you with these techniques.

This is a great advantage to viewers, especially because it removes language and sound barriers. The text that accompanies the video is called a video transcript. Video transcripts not only make the video more accessible to more viewers but also make the video easier for search bots to read because of the extra text on the page.

4 Embed the video you want to place on the top charts

Google usually indexes only one video per page. So place or embed the most important SEO-enriched page in the first position if you have more than one video clip. This is to make sure the SEO-related video page appears first. Do not embed the same video in multiple locations. 

5. Consider the title and description of the video

As with blog posts, titles and meta descriptions affect the ranking of videos. Spend time creating compelling video titles and descriptions. Do a keyword survey to make sure you’re targeting the keywords that people are looking for.

6. Don’t Rely only on SEO to Promote Your Video

Lastly, it’s crucial to remember that search engine optimization is highly effective but is not the only reliable source to count on.

Google is continuously converting its algorithms, and SEO-enriched videos are evolving at lightning-velocity and pace. So, depending solely on this strategy isn’t a constant method to assure video digital marketing success.

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How Video Content Can Improve Your SEO Efforts

1. Google cares about videos

So you also have to worry about the video. Google’s internal algorithms attach great importance to two things – It’s the relevance of content quality to the user’s original search term. To determine both, Google doesn’t just look at the text on a particular page. It also scans other types of media to see exactly what it offers.

If your website contains not only text but also high-quality visual elements such as video, it means that the page is both informative and diverse. Therefore, SEO efforts are facilitated.

2. Video generates traffic

Google takes into account the inbound traffic and your regular visitors in the domain. They’re probably coming for a reason-and other people doing similar searches will find your content interesting. A good quantity of video content  drives more traffic than you can pull into your page. This eventually leads to a better overall SEO in the long run.  

3. The video enables people to stay on your page for a longer span

Google pays attention to the number of times people stay on your website when they finally arrive. If you have a lot of inbound traffic but these people all leave after just a few seconds, your content isn’t very good and you’re looking elsewhere to get the answer they’re looking for. People are more likely to connect to your video.

The more people who link to your content and domain, the more permissions you will be assigned. The more permissions you have, the higher your page will be ranked in the search results.

4. Video helps add value to SEO

This is another area where video has a big impact. Buyers are twice as likely to buy after watching something like a product video without this content.

Therefore, by getting more attention to your website, videos not only help improve SEO but also encourage people to convert. In short, videos bring a meaningful return on SEO’s final return on investment at almost every stage of the process you want to take advantage of.


Video digital marketing trends come and go every year, but some continue to be part of our lives. Looking around, many such trends are having a huge impact on our lives, with SEO-enriched video content marketing trends topping the charts. Undoubtedly, video marketing is consumed more than ever today.

People rely on search engines and online video editor with queries on brands, products, video-making techniques, and services and this is where SEO benefits you. Keep in mind that if you don’t use SEO enabled video as part of your content marketing strategy, you’re missing out on a lot.

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