Why a Dedicated Workspace is Important for Remote Work & How To Set It

What is the best part about working remotely? Employees enjoy the comfort of working from home, the ability to work from anywhere, and flexible schedules. This has become the new normal as more companies adopt a remote work culture.

But remote working comes with its challenges. While working from home, it’s easy to get distracted or get carried away in watching a new series or running family errands. This is why creating a dedicated workspace complete with a desk and an ergonomic office chair is essential. 

Why Having a Dedicated Workspace is Important?

Your environment works as a stimulus that helps you focus on work. The infrastructure at the office is designed for work; it is a professional space, while the home is your personal space.

It is normal to have thoughts like what’s for lunch or who’s at the door chatting with your family members for so long, or who rang the bell. Getting distracted and delaying work is common among employees working from home. Balancing between comfort and productivity is a challenge for many.

A dedicated workspace gives you the same feeling as working from the office. Once you sit at the desk, you can turn off the distractions and focus on work.

Some other benefits include:

  • Be more productive at work as you can work distraction-free
  • Your family members respect the work timings, and you can work without any interference
  • Have a work-life balance, as you can finish the work within office hours and stay away from the laptop the rest of the day

Tips for Setting Up a Workspace at Home

Individuals need a quiet area where they take all calls and attend meetings in peace, comfortable furniture for maximising productivity and discipline to stay away from distractions to work from home successfully. All these can be achieved if they set up a dedicated workspace.

Here are a few tips for setting up a space that works well for the long term.

  1. Choose the Right Place

It is suggested that you utilise the library or guest room to transform it into your work-from-office set-up. Finding a dedicated space can be a problem if you live in a small apartment in the city. In such a case, find a cosy, well-lit corner in your bedroom or living space. This place should be away from all kinds of distractions.

  1. Invest in Comfortable Furniture

Do not work from your bed or couch. It hinders productivity, affects your position, and can result in back injuries or muscle pull from sitting for prolonged hours in front of the laptop. 

Consider investing in an ergonomic office chair, a desk with proper height, office supplies, and other furniture. This gives a boost to your productivity.

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  1. Decorate the Space

A houseplant, fancy office supply, or a decorative piece of art can create a professional home space. Keep story books, toys, or necessary items off the desk to avoid distractions. It would also be ideal for adding a table lamp, particularly if you’re a night owl who burns the midnight oil to get work done.

Choose Productivity Over Comfort

Need ideas to set up your remote workspace? These ideas can help you to create a workspace that boosts productivity and helps you to resist all temptations of snacking or opening the browser to start binge-watching.

Even if you do not initially set up a dedicated workspace, do not make the bed your workstation. Be creative and create a personalised corner with resources available at home.

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