Top 10 Benefits To Working Remotely

Prior to COVID-19, the number of employees who worked from home was on a gradual rise. The pandemic kicked that trend into high gear. Now there is no going back. Remote work will continue to grow rapidly as more employers and employees learn about the benefits of just staying home.

Zero Commute Time

Does anyone really enjoy their commute? Raise of hands? Thought so. Commutes take up valuable time. They also cost money in gas, vehicle maintenance, and public transportation passes. Remote work means your commute is from your kitchen table to your desk. Perfect.

Reduce Car Expenses

If your car is not on the road, it’s not wearing out tires or brakes. It’s not burning through oil or getting rusted thanks to road salt. Fewer miles on the road means less wear and tear.

Office Can Be Anywhere

Remote work can be on your back porch or from your beach house. If you’ve got wifi, you’re all set. You can always use a custom Zoom background if you don’t want your boss to know you’re at the lake cabin.

Avoid Office Politics

There are some employees who enjoy the gossip around the water cooler, that’s true. But most workers prefer to avoid office politics. They just want to get their work done. Remote work makes it easier to focus on the job and not who’s gunning for the corner office.

Have More Effective Meetings

Just plug in an office background with logo and presto! You’re all set for a productive virtual meeting. Online meetings can be very effective. It’s easier for everyone to attend and share their input. The chat features encourage participation and commentary.

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More Independent Mindsets

Working remotely encourages independence. Employees learn how to become more proactive problem solvers and take the initiative more frequently when launching projects.

Flexible Schedules

Some remote jobs still require a nine-to-five schedule, but not all. Increasingly, employees can choose flexible hours as long as the work is done by a deadline. Meetings can happen when everyone can get online as opposed to gathering in the conference room. Virtual background teams can enhance any Microsoft Teams call.

Improved Work-Life Balance

For many employees, remote work has allowed them to improve their quality of life. Since they no longer have a commute, they have more time to spend with family and friends on activities that promote mental and physical health.

Increased Productivity

While it may seem counterintuitive, most employees report increased productivity while working remotely. This is especially true if they are allowed to arrange their schedules to work the hours when they are most productive. Morning people may like to start before nine, and night owls might do their best thinking after seven pm.

Better Communication

While face-to-face meetings are wonderful when they do happen, remote work encourages more communication. This is largely due to the vast number of ways employees can connect online. With texting, messaging, video conferencing, and more at their disposal, they are actually more likely to reach out and connect with colleagues and bosses.

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