10 Types of Virtual Shows trending in 2021

The world is shifting towards the virtual events industry and the biggest example are the diverse virtual shows being hosted online. Virtual shows are not limited to any specific industry and people from all backgrounds are looking forward to taking their events online. 

In this blog, we will walk you through some of the most trending Virtual Shows trending. Read on to explore all you need to know.

Virtual Shows trending in 2021

1) Virtual Trade Show

A virtual trade show or a virtual trade fair is an online trade event hosted over a virtual trade show platform. It aims at showcasing products that are available for trade with the help of different virtual event features. Basically, a trade show event brings together people from the same background and industry, to display and describe different products and services. However, over a virtual trade show platform, all of this takes place in an online venue. 

A virtual trade show has everything from captivating virtual booths, lead tracking facilities, and interactive tools to appointments, B2B meeting schedulers, business card exchange, and event analytics. It also has countless engagement features to keep your attendees enticed throughout the event.

2) Virtual Award Show 

A virtual award show falls amongst significant events for various different associations and domains. The concept of hosting virtual R&R shows and virtual award ceremonies is vital as it aims to encourage and appreciate the work of people from every background. For example, award shows can play a big role for corporate companies as many employees have been working from home. And, in such cases, appreciation can boost their spirits and encourage them to perform better. Similarly in the world of art, appreciation and rewards can do wonders to motivate the artists who have been working hard throughout the pandemic to brighten the world with their art.

3) Virtual Game Show 

Ever since the pandemic hit, and people had to be confined by the same walls, virtual games began to become prevalent amongst all. Although it all started with basic games that people would play over conference calls, the experts decided to bring all the requisite elements together to elevate the experience. Now, with the help of virtual game show platforms, people can spend fun and enjoyable time with their friends, family, and colleagues present at global remote locations. Virtual Event Platforms like Dreamcast, help users to play over 100+ games with advanced engagement & interactive tools and features.

4) Virtual Magic Show

Magic shows are super fun for people who like suspense and thrill. Many events and fests have been incorporating sessions like a virtual magic show to keep the remote attendees enthralled and fascinated to engage in the virtual event. You can organize virtual magic shows at your team meetings and trade shows to elevate the level of excitement and joy at the event. The concept of taking such events online sounded bizarre at first but has grown to become very prevalent. It is not only beneficial for the hosts and magicians but also for the attendees. There is no requirement to travel or book venues, and the entertainment is just a click away. Also, the ability to reach and target the global audience is matchless.

5) Virtual Motor Show 

A virtual motor show is a new concept that brings all the automotive activities together for lovers of automobile and auto shows. A virtual motor show includes everything, from car releases and showcases to trade and exhibitions. The platform has different virtual venues, from new car halls, tech halls, EV zones, entertainment zones, gamification, classic car halls, etc. The best part is you can curate and design all the aspects of the virtual show based on your requirements. Not just this, but you also engage, interact, and network with the most innovative virtual event features without any hassle. 

6) Virtual Product Show 

A virtual product show refers to the virtual exhibition of any product over an online product show platform. A comprehensive virtual exhibition platform renders the user an immersive life-like experience at the virtual venue. Dreamcast is a renowned virtual product show platform that provides users with a 360-degree environment and a complete product guide & specifications. Your target audience can also interact, communicate or schedule meetings in case of queries or doubts about any aspect of the product or virtual event. 

7) Virtual Property Show 

A virtual property show lets you showcase and view properties on a global level. It provides you with the opportunity to reach your global target audience, real estate agencies, banks, legal advisors, real estate professionals, etc. Earlier, browsing global properties was only a matter of excessive expenses, time, and effort. However, with the help of a virtual property expo, you can browse different locations and properties over an immersive virtual venue. An advanced virtual property show platform lets you incorporate various features at the event. For example, property show booths, reporting, event analytics, lead generation, networking & interactive tools, etc.

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8) Virtual Music Show 

Virtual Music Shows include everything from online concerts to musical live streams. It brings to you a live show of music and folk music bands and artists. The pandemic eliminated the entertaining and fun experience of attending music festivals and live concerts. However, after the emergence of virtual fest platforms, attending such events have again become possible, that too with added benefits. An innovative virtual event platform also provides reactions with sound effects and emoticons, like a hoot, clap, hearts, thumbs up, etc.

9) Virtual Comedy Show

Live stand-up comedy and online shows have become famous in recent times. Not just as a session in different virtual events but also separately. A virtual comedy show is a perfect session to include in all types of events, be it a corporate, private, college, or team event. 

10) Virtual Art Show 

A virtual art show is the best option for art lovers to engage in artistic activities from the comfort of their homes. An advanced virtual art show platform is well-resourced with the top features to keep the attendees engaged and involved in the event throughout. From art exhibitions to practice sessions, an online art show can include everything.

Go on and host engaging Virtual Shows trending in 2021. For enhanced expertise and professional service, reach out to Dreamcast and book a demo today!


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