Should I Build My Website or Hire an Agency to Do It for Me?

Every clever person thinks building a website is easy and nothing new under the sun. You need to install a WordPress theme, create pages, add pictures and videos. But that is not a reality.

Not every website development is the same as WordPress, and it is the opposite. It is a more complex, mind-stressing, and time taking process. But worth it!

So, should you build your website or hire an agency for it?

Working with different project managers and learning from them how to handle projects, in this article, we will try to help you understand what the primary ingredients you need to develop a professional website are.


What Legislates an Accurately Organized Website?

These factors need to be followed:

  • The website should be clean.
  • Design
  • High-quality images of products
  • Use videos too
  • Contact information on home page
  • CTA above the fold
  • Good Content
  • Responsive versions (for Mobiles and Tablets)
  • Clean Website

A clean website is essential for any professional website. Because as we know, “the first impression is your last impression.” The meaning of a clean website is to remove irrelevant data from the website.

The job is also to optimize a website in every way, like how much time the website takes, are products images all visible, or something like that. The important thing is that everybody enjoys cleaning. So why not create a clean website!


Designing is everything if you want to show your idea. The famous line by bobby Axelrod is “Making a product is an activity but making a profit from it is an achievement” So, try to show your design more interesting than others and believe in it. If the design lacks, it will be just like nothing new under the sun.

High-Quality attachments

While making your website, it is compulsory to add images of your products. Because what you display is what you sell. So, try to deal with good quality. The photos are the main thing for your products. If someone wants to buy the product, the first impression of your product is how it will look. So, use good quality images of your product.

The Effect of Videos

Videos have been viral on the internet for the last five to ten years. The reason is, people easily understand the concept of the video. The effect of videos is more than images. So, try to make videos for your products. Videos can be anything like that.

  • You explaining your product quality
  • How does the product work?
  • Testimonials
  • Important Answers (about your product)
  • Contact information

Professional websites use contact information to help their clients or informational seekers. For example, when a client is interested in your product but is stuck at some question, this is where contact information works. He will contact you and have questions about the product or services you are giving. Also, questions can be anything related to your product.

So always have a contact information tag on your homepage.

CTA Above the Fold

Traditional thoughts suggest it is good to have CTA above the fold because they will mostly read above web pages when readers come. So having the CTA link right above will create more chances for a call to action.

Good Content

Another important thing is the Content on your website. This point is the most important of all. The Content represents you and your company. So, represent it with good Content. Good Content on your website will help clients to understand you as well as your product.

Another bonus point of having good Content is search engine ranking. Killer content will take you to the top of the suggestions by search engines. So kindly have good Content for your website.

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Responsive Website

A responsive website is an approach to making web pages so that they look good on a variety of devices. For example, the website design will automatically adjust the window screen or screen sizes from minimum to large.

Having a responsive website will get a lot of new and various customers from different devices. So, the more users will come, the more traffic will have. Simple as that.

Because having a website is a standard way of doing business online. It will help if you prioritize your audience before developing and designing your website. You should know what will be cool and clever for your website. 

The purpose of the website is a way of communicating with your client from all around the world. The better you communicate with your website, the more business will increase.

What does it take to build a website?

Creating a business as a website is difficult but depends on two things.

  • Time
  • Money


Timing is everything. If you are lucky enough to know how much time matters, every project you launch will give you something positive. For instance, Elon musk converted newspapers into a digital site when no one thought it was known as Zip2.

If your site is already launched and you need to polish it, it will take less time.

However, creating a site from scratch will take more time because you will need expertise in designing, copywriting, coding, marketing, and many others. The more you are an expert in these fields, the more quickly you will create a website.


As an old saying “you will get what you pay for” if you are cheap in investing on your website, you will get cheap results. The more you invest, the faster you will get a result. But investing money is not enough for your digital business. You need to understand where to put money more and where to put less. 

Quick Recap

So, should you create your website by yourself or hire an agency? The answer will be it depends on you. If you have plenty of time but do not want to spend money, then you will have to create a website on your own.

Although, if you have money and time, then you can hire a good Web development company.



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