Steps to an Effective Enablement Session

The majority of strategic revenue initiatives fail – according to Bridges Consultancy, 67% of well-crafted strategies fail to owe to inadequate implementation. It’s easy to understand why only 5% of employees are aware of their company’s strategy. Employees do not want to carry out initiatives that they do not understand or to which they do not feel attached.

What can enablement leaders do to help teams execute strategies more effectively? You must provide your teams with the resources, oversight, and support they require to bring your strategies to reality. Follow these steps to ensure that your enablement and sales leaders, as well as your salespeople, have the sales enablement tools, expertise, and motivation they need to put your company’s strategies into action.


Before you take your representatives off the floor for the next training exercise or activity, make sure sales leadership is on board. It’s critical to address natural scepticism about enablement projects upfront and to make sure sales leadership understands how you’ll help them increase their team’s performance.

They can also assist you in articulating the WIIFM – what’s in it for me – in order to “sell the seller” and get the desired training outcomes. Request that sales leadership join you in holding their teams accountable for implementing the new training and putting it into practice in the field while assessing the results. Your employees will soon look forward to your training since they understand how beneficial it is.


Great results begin with a clear grasp of what you want to achieve. You need a clear vision of the business goal and the outcomes you want to influence before you start writing plays and training content. This will also assist you in calculating the return on your enablement efforts.

To win over managers, even more, see if you can join an existing sales event rather than starting one from scratch.

Assign pre-work and reading before the training begins to encourage sellers and enhance engagement throughout the training. A compelling training experience is created using a mixed structure that incorporates pre-work, self-paced content, virtual roleplay, and webinars. Having a sales leader produce a video demonstrating a best-in-class pitch or demo, for example, is a terrific approach to keep learners interested.

You’ll have built the groundwork for efficient enablement with clear goals, supportive management, and a well-established training style.


We’ve all been confronted with blank stares during training sessions — one of the most common reasons for low engagement is that your sellers don’t know what’s in it for them. In their perspective, you’re wasting an hour that could have been spent generating additional leads or making prospecting calls. It’s your responsibility to “sell the sellers” on your training and persuade them that it will help them generate higher-quality leads in the same – or even less – time.

Preview your next-generation sales play to get people’s attention right now. Traditional, one-size-fits-all playbooks are no longer relevant; a dynamic sales environment necessitates a dynamic playbook. You may supply your sellers with plays that contain both material and instruction geared to prepare your team for what they need to know, say, show, and do in each unique selling scenario using advanced sales enablement technologies.

Make your presentation dynamic and fun. To assist connect the dots between the training and action, ask questions, have sellers share their tales, or break into groups for activities. Your salespeople will begin to look forward to your sessions if the correct play and training is offered in an interactive, audience-first manner. They will know that the knowledge supplied will ultimately make them, and the organisation, more effective.

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Salespeople are juggling hundreds of responsibilities every day, no matter how exciting and meaningful your training was. It will be rapidly forgotten unless your training is reinforced and muscle memory is formed in the field.

Promote the play or training materials across a variety of channels, including email, your CRM, and your sales enablement platform, so that it’s immediately accessible wherever sales professionals spend their time. To avoid the natural forgetting curve that occurs after training, it’s critical to offer spaced knowledge and training reinforcement after the event to ensure that reps have accepted product messages and had time to assimilate that information. Ongoing training will be essential as well. To help your reps keep sharp on their abilities, you might deliver courses, quizzes, coaching sessions, and more straight within your sales enablement platform.

You may measure important metrics that show whether or not your enablement training landed inside and helped reps take off externally with their client encounters to determine the effectiveness of your enablement. Enablement success can be measured by metrics such as sales play adoption, curriculum completion, and pitched content performance. Furthermore, use technology to solicit feedback on what worked, what didn’t, and what could be improved in the future. Sellers will be more willing to come up, engage, and share if you demonstrate that you listened to and acted on their input.


Without execution, even the best tactics are made ineffective.

Enablement is critical in ensuring that customer-facing personnel not only understand the ideas but are also dedicated to putting them into action in a way that generates revenue.

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Why Mindtickle?

Learning tools, formats, and modalities that connect reps online, as well as interactivity through sales enablement platforms, are all available thanks to today’s smart technology. It enhances resource timeliness and efficiency, as well as training, analysis, and continuous support. When salespeople have all of the information they need at their fingertips, and customer leads are targeted by the products and solutions they’re looking for, they’re more confident.

Although sales enablement is an important part of preparing teams to deal with business and revenue difficulties, it is simply one part of a larger sales preparedness plan.

We work with sales leaders from a number of sectors, countries, and marketplaces at Mindtickle. While their organisational and competitive problems differ, every sales leader faces the same challenge: ensuring that salespeople are prepared to meet sales targets. They always talk about how they need to strengthen their sales enablement efforts with people, technology, and processes.

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