Why are art and Creativity important in child development?

Art and Creativity is the first thing that attracts a kid while they are developing themselves. The kids develop themselves a lot while doing something on their own. Art is a genre that doesn’t require any hard and fast learning. One can do with their heart open and can ace it.

The problem starts when a child is placed in an exam-focused school rather than a ‘growth-focused.’ Best Schools in India highlights that study patterns in school nowadays are not growth-focused. Their primary focus is the exam and completion of the curriculum.

With the growth, new educational policy tackled these issues to some extent. They introduced vocational courses and entrepreneurial classes. The policy also planned to shift a child’s focus from technical education to art and Creativity. 

In this write-up, we will be sharing some valuable insights on why Creativity is important. We will discuss how Creativity helps in the growth of a child. The points mentioned below are jotted down with the help of the best schools in Gurgaon. 

Creativity among students is important for their Development

Some of the reasons why art and creativity play an important role in the student’s Development:

  1. Enhance Creativity: Best Schools in India believe that each child is creative. Through art, they bring out what’s within. Art and Creativity is an exercise that is required in the development of both large and small muscles. It is best for eye-hand coordination. Some activities like gripping a colored pencil, paintbrush, and scissors improve dexterity. Also, a child makes use of both of their hands while performing art; this improves their coordination also. 
  • Activates Cognitive Skills: A neural connection is encouraged when a student sits with skills. According to Best CBSE Schools in India, art and Creativity employ the senses. There are connecting points between brain cells- Brain Synapses. Through art, those cells are stimulated as they experiment. Also, art activates the executive function. Executive function- a set of mental skills that build attention, switch focus, multitask and remember the details and time management. Through art, these areas are also built. 
  • Builds Self-expression: Visualization and expression are the two things that a child loves. Sometimes lack of adequate knowledge prevents that side of the children from coming out. A creative child will always be full of expression and look forward to expressing their feelings. Through art and Creativity, this is possible. Art, as mentioned before, is an expression; it allows anyone to bring out what’s going on in their mind. Through Creativity, the child can express themselves freely and communicate their feelings in a better way. 
  • Builds Problem Solving Skills: Art involves patterns and puzzles. Art helps a child to develop problem-solving skills. Executing a task with multiple Creativity is a challenging thing to do for a child. Art allows them to work independently; they can evaluate their own decisions. While evaluating their decision, they will understand the flaws themselves. They can sharpen their critical areas through better guidance from the best schools in India or the best schools in Gurgaon. 
  • Builds Patience level: Art requires time. It is not a mathematical sum resolved in a minute or two. One has to sit with art till it is done. A child with a habit of closing the task will learn how to sit with something for a longer duration. Through art, a student will learn to sit with a task for multiple hours without any concentration diversion. 
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Schools play an important part in the growth of a child. Some best CBSE school in Indiaalso feels that home plays an important role in child development.

Below we are listing in a very precise manner through which a child can maintain their creativity while staying at home. 

A child spends most of their time at home. After the school timing and before they learn things from home and ought to grow themselves. Some ways to help your child at home maintain their Creativity: 

  1. Be dramatic: While reading the stories for your child, you need to get into the character and play exactly. This will bring out your creative side in front of your child, and the saying is not wrong, “A child learns from their parents.” 
  • Art Studio: Place the art studio at your home with different hand-curated arts and books. Fill it with different tools, crayons, finger paints, watercolors, and brushes. 
  • Scrap Book: Show your child different color papers and how art is done on them. Bring our favorite YouTube videos and perform the task on scrap paper. 

Lastly, do not let your kid do the craft alone, sit with them and help them with your input. They will learn from your experience and your Creativity. Also, a parent needs to find the best schools in India for their child and give some priority to the art and creativity section. 

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