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6 Video Promotion Ideas to Get Your Business off the Ground

Launching a business is so much easier when you utilize effective video promotions and advertisements. Even if your business is already up and running, it will benefit from the strategic use of video promotion. Contrary to popular opinion, building momentum for a startup company or an enterprise that has existed for years doesn’t have to take a sizable chunk out of your budget.

However, no two video promotions are the same. The promotional approach for marketing your video content hinges on your unique company, value offering and target audience. Implement the right approach to promoting your specific business through video content and you’ll reap the rewards.

Here’s a quick look at 6 video promotion ideas that will help your business build and maintain momentum.

Idea #1: Start off With a Brief Teaser Video

Everyone is looking for something new. Tease your new business or product with a brief video and you’ll engage the audience by building anticipation that could potentially inspire them to share the video with their social circles. The best teaser videos provide a small taste of the value proposition, creating momentum that culminates in conversions.

Idea #2: Email Video Promotion

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is not solely restricted to written words. It is possible to embed videos within email blasts sent to listserv recipients. Strategically incorporate video content into your emails and the visual component will reinforce the message communicated through paragraph form. Email video marketing has a nearly 300% higher rate of return compared to traditional emails limited to words.

Be strategic about video promotion through email. Instead of sending out an email blast to every name on your email marketing list, consider segmenting your audience by those who are most likely to find the video content insightful or useful. As an example, if your business is launching a new service, it might make sense to begin by distributing the video to those who paid for similar products in the past. Above all, do your best to avoid alienating members of your target audience.

Idea #3: Splatter Your Video Content Across all Socials

Posting videos to each and every social media platform your business has a presence on is time-consuming. However, this approach is effective as it taps into the entirety of your audience as opposed to those in a single silo such as Facebook, now known as Meta.

Aside from adding new videos to your Facebook page, it is also in your interest to embed the clips to:

  • Instagram
  • Your company’s YouTube channel
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Other socials

Continue to update your social media content with your latest video promotions and you’ll maximize exposure, building an unstoppable momentum.

Idea #4: Employ a Video Promotional Series

Start a video promotion series and your audience will be inclined to return to your website and socials for updates. Promoting a specific product, service or other value offering through a string of short videos released in successive fashion builds anticipation. As long as your videos are intriguing, the audience will eagerly await each successive clip.

Idea #5: Create Video Content With a Distinct Mood

Market your business through video production and you’ll extend your reach beyond those who favor the written word. Recognize that the worst-case scenario is investing your time and energy in creating video content that is easily forgotten. Indelibility is the name of the game. Memorable videos are those characterized by distinct mood, tone and style. Viewers should have a clear memory of the video content immediately after watching it and also in the days and weeks that follow.

Focus on creating a distinct mood that invokes an emotional response and you’ll succeed in capturing the audience’s attention. Whether your content centers on drama, romance, comedy, inspiration or quirkiness, the aim is to create a lasting impression that paves a path toward memorability and prospect conversion. When in doubt, focus on lighting and music to create a well-defined mood. Carefully select these elements and your content will ramp up engagement.

Idea #6: Pay to Promote the Video Through a Campaign

Producing a video requires the investment of money, time and effort. There is no sense investing your limited time and capital in creating new video content if it doesn’t reach the target audience.

Double down on your video marketing investment by promoting your content through a video campaign across Instagram, LinkedIn, Meta, Twitter and other platforms your target audience is inclined to use. Paid video campaign promotions are hyper-specific, empowering business owners to target narrow demographics or even retargeting those who already expressed an interest in the business through a visit to its website.

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