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5 Brilliant Blog Writing Tips

Any good marketer knows that high-quality content, particularly blogs, is key to building an online presence and an effective digital marketing strategy. However, curating blog posts that get traction and are SEO-optimized, is not an easy task. As a result, many businesses choose to outsource their blog writing to a professional blog writing service. Fortunately for you, we have the helpful tips, tricks, and tools you need to create blog posts that rank, inform, educate and hopefully – convert! Without bringing in the pros. Let’s dig in. 

Top Tips 

So, you want to create original, well-written blog posts that climb up those SEO rankings. But how do you do this? And do it well? 

1. Write for your audience.

The only way to curate the best blog post possible is to write for your audience.  Pourquoi? In order to see the impact and a positive response from your intended readers, you need to always have them front and center in your mind while you’re writing. Having some persona research next to you throughout, which details their pain points, needs, and preferred communication styles, will definitely help ensure you stay on track and never veer off course.

2. Align with demand

Following on from the above, it’s important to not only write for your audience but involve them in the ideation process. You need to ensure that before you put your pen to paper, the topic you’re choosing to write about aligns with what your audience are actually interested in and resonating with. How? Tools like BuzzSumo which scour the web for the kind of content your audience is talking about and interacting with most frequently. 

3. Optimise for SEO 

Just as you want to align your blog posts with audience demand and what’s resonating across the web, you want to optimize your blog for SEO. What does this mean? Align your blog post to what your audience is actively searching for in an attempt to rank and be visible to them. We’d suggest doing some keyword research through Keyword Planner and adding a plugin like Yoast to your website to get your posts optimized and rank-worthy. 

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4. Add something to the conversation

While it is important that you find something to write about that aligns with your audience’s desires and communication styles and has SEO value – you also need to ensure that you’re actually adding something of value to the conversation with your post. If you’re just parroting the views of someone else or reiterating a point that has already been made millions of times – your audience will see through it very quickly (and so will Google!) Focus on adding something meaningful to enrich the discussion that already exists. 

5. Have a clear CTA

While this is not entirely necessary (and there’s definitely a place for articles that don’t try to capitalize on their existence) – adding a CTA to your blog is definitely worth doing. Particularly if you’re going to be sending a lot of traffic there or anticipate it will arrive on the page. Is there a longer gated eBook you could encourage them to download, a case study to view, or a product tour? Why not use this opportunity to add further value and potentially, generate a conversion. 

Voila! You’ve run through each of our top 5 blog writing copywriting tips. With these at your disposal there’s no way you can fall behind. Start whipping up those formidable SEO rankings today.

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I'm Manmohan Bhadouria, a digital marketer with a strong SEO background. I love writing blogs and stories, and exploring new places and adventures is my passion. I have a soft spot for all kinds of animals.

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