Best 5 TikTok Ad Ideas To Expand Your Potential Audiences

Right now, it’s been one whole year after the launch of TikTok ads features. Are you still skeptical about TikTok advertising and its features? If so, you can look at the past year’s TikTok ad results, which help clear your doubts about advertising. Thus, try to understand that every business on TikTok needs the best marketing strategies. Yet, do you know why everyone invests in TikTok’s advertising strategy? You are right if you say TikTok offers an excellent chance for business and brand. But, of course, TikTok as a platform provides effective results for business advertising. So, try to create compelling content to grab a massive base of TikTok followers. Thereafter, if you are trying to make your profile popular among your millennials and Gen Zers, then plan to get tiktok crown, which helps improve your TikTok profile status.  

Now, let us discuss the five compelling TikTok reasons and its advertising ideas, offering you the best chance to expand your potential audiences.  

1. Higher User Engagement

TikTok boasts of a fast-growing user base because of its high user engagement. The content on TikTok is engaging, which helps attract the brand followers. Since these brands’ potential audiences on TikTok interact with the best profitable gains. 

Fun Fact: Based on April 2021 reports, the average TikTok user spends at least 87 minutes per day. The platform has a vast time base that brands can tap into. 

While compared to other platforms, the TikTok user views a video within the platform. Thus, the upgrading list of TikTok features makes users share innovative features with audiences. 

Snapchat offers the same feature as TikTok that helps drive engagement with the lens. Anyways, 52% of TikTok users don’t use Snapchat because the latter platform doesn’t have enough followers. 

2. Brand Effects

First, establish your TikTok ads by using brand effects. For instance, the lens feature on Snapchat has got an AR feature for video overlays. In addition, the design of Snapchat has got lenses that help in highlighting brand-specific features. At the same time, the brand effects are in-built features on TikTok that work for CPG, retail, and entertainment. Yet, the brand effects of TikTok are adaptable to other niches like travel or automotive. 

Now, the brand effects on TikTok help ensure a higher level of profile engagement, brand awareness, and traction for your content. 

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3. Hashtag Challenges

While performing the proper hashtag challenge, you can create wonders for your brands and businesses. Apart from grabbing a vast audience base and driving higher engagement, the TikTok hashtag strategy helps leverage your organic engagement. Thus, the hashtag challenges help make your profile go trending among your competitors. 

Tag Product-Based Hashtag 

Social networking service concept. Streaming video.

If you tag your TikTok videos with product-based hashtags, your followers will know the actual use of your brand’s products and services. Thus, product-based hashtags are a crucial component feature that targets content based on the product’s benefits. So, try not to make the content too salesy, but do ensure to describe your product’s core aspects among your TikTok followers. 

Strengthen Your TikTok Platforms Over Other Platforms

When your hashtag challenge runs viral, don’t forget to promote it over other social media platforms where your marketing method is vast enough to follow. For example, several TikTok users right now work over multiple platforms and will gain benefit from remembering to get help from hashtags. 

Don’t Neglect From Influencers To Your TikTok

When your TikTok fan following is not strong, it is better to connect with influencer marketing by starting with prevalent hashtag challenges. Now, TikTok influencers with hashtag challenges help grab massive attention from the audience base. 

4. Auction Insights

After launching your TikTok campaigns, try to check out the TikTok’s auction insights. It’s a helpful analysis portal featuring different insights into the TikTok campaign’s performance with graphs and metrics to improve optimization chances. Hence, if you want to locate Auction Insights, navigate View Data within the Campaign level of the TikTok Ads Manager. 

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5. Catalog Ads

On TikTok, the catalog ads help display a variety of products on your ads. Suppose you are not a marketer with SKU; it is still a notable format to try, even if you have few products. There are four reasons why TikTok catalog ads are effective:

  • Generate hand-craft TikTok videos for every product
  • Leverage automated objectives to customize your product information
  • Record the ownership details about your products straight within your TikTok Ads Manager. 
  • Creating particular sets for every product. 

Wrap Up Facts

In conclusion, the article explains everything you need to know about the five best TikTok ad ideas to expand your potential audience. Starting from higher user engagement, brand effects, hashtag challenges, auction insights, and catalog ads are the following ad ideas where you can gain huge profit.

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