Some popular alternatives of Pendo?

Developers struggle in deciding which Pendo alternative would be ideal for your SaaS? The product adoption software has to be great and can increase user satisfaction and lead to higher revenues.

Why Pendo?

Pendo is a leader in SaaS on boarding. For analytics, user on- boarding and in app user feedback it is an ideal solution. For enterprises with larger budgets it is ideal who are aware that they would be using all the features. In the given space we have heard of nice things.

The reasons of choosing  Pendo?

  • Analytics in depth
  • User segmentation and targeting at an advanced level
  • A product roadmap is included that would be great for a product manager

The key features

  • Quantative and qualitative, feedback collection of the users.
  • Flow triggering and user segmentation that is great for on boarding flow of design
  • Product guides that are interactive
  • Product roadmap.


Though there is a free price plan, there is a limitation to 1000 monthly active users. it does not include integrations or analytics. There are other three levels that is dependent upon price request with limited features. Only at an advanced level you will be having full access to feedback, user insights and guidance.

Pendo competitors

When you are choosing Pendo competitors there are a few points to consider.

  • Pricing- You have to define your budget and be aware about the hidden costs. More so concerning the amount of MAUs.
  • Ease to set up- if there is no team of an in house developers you should not pick any software  that requires a professional set up.
  • Company size- are you planning to have a small business experience or looking for an enterprise level platform. You need to figure out the number of team members and MAUs that may be required to access the software and consider the limit of Pendo alternatives.

Pendo alternatives


For start- ups and smaller business Nickellec would be one of the best Pendo alternative that provides advanced on boarding experiences with in built analytics for their web pages.

The key features

  • No form of coding is necessary
  • Customization along with dedicated user support
  • Collaboration capabilities
  • Localization where you can on board users in different languages
  • In depth analytics
  • Segmentation and targeting of the users
  • An interactive user experience with extensive UI elements
  • Functionality cross platform and integration with sales force.

The reasons to choose Nickellec

  • Product tour that is cost free would be done in a matter of minutes
  • Pricing plans are affordable
  • A wide range of on boarding elements.
  • In depth analytics along with built in user feedbacks

It is known to provide transparent pricing plans as the starter plan would be starting at $ 99 per month where for annual payment discounts are available. This is for MAU’s and unlimited team members. The plans tend to be based on boarding flows that you are planning to develop. Every level has a 14 day trial pack with a 30 day money back guarantee.


Provides personalized and comprehensive onboarding user experience that is designed to encourage product adoption. Among the enterprises it is popular, the complex interface and limited analytics indicates that it is not the best alternative of Pendo.


  • Great customization
  • User tracking
  • Smart segmentation along with targeting
  • Compatible across the various devices or browsers


  • Highly customizable and provides quality user experiences
  • For set up no form of coding is necessary, though you may require to download a browser extension
  • Multi- format automated content creation

Whatflix does not have a transparent pricing strategy and the business requires them to contact for a customized pricing strategy. Though they offer a free trial, but it is not for self- service or instant.

To conclude Userguiding is another viable alternative of Pendo. It is a no coding on board software with a plethora of UI elements. For start- ups and small business it is a cost effective and a friendly option. The features are limited when it comes to low end plans

The product adoption is entirely dependent upon the needs of your business. A larger enterprise with a dedicated team will find that Pendo works out to be the best option for them.