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How to Use Creative Social Media Strategy to Solve Business Challenges

Nearly half the world is social media users, and many are active ones. Therefore, it is vital to have a social media strategy to engage your clients. A company does not only focus on tactics and skip the social media strategy. Yet, it is a common mistake. The tricks, hacks, and tips you learn from webinars and blogs will only give you results when you focus on strategy too. Determine your goals as you get to social media. In this way, it increases the chances of achieving them. Social media works for every business but depends on how you go about it. You can work with a qualified expert to help you integrate a strategy that works for you. Below are common challenges you can solve in your business with a creative social media strategy.

Weak brand awareness

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Social media is vital to get to a large audience. But why do businesses experience weak brand awareness? First, you need to identify what makes the products and company values. Why do people choose you and not your competitors? Once you learn about this, create content to support this difference. Plus, when you aim to strengthen brand awareness, refrain from posting content on promotional sales. If you are not gaining momentum on platform, try different paid services to buy Instagram followers to get yourself started. The active strategy is to approach it as though you are meeting your Instagram followers or users for the first time. No one wants to hear a sales pitch the first time they meet you. Choose more meaningful content personifying why your customers follow you or choose you. 

Poor online reputation 

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What is your companies’ online reputation? If poor online reputation is the challenge, you need to find a strategy to fix it. Brand reviews are highly influential. Almost 90% of the consumers read online reviews and trust them. While at least 80% will hesitate to buy a product with a negative review, among many other research facts. However, do not give online rating sites the power to control your business and take action to turn things around. The strategy here is to remove obstacles that hinder positive reviews. Thus, drive customers to a review funnel that directs them to a genuine review site. After, start to recover unhappy customers before they vent on social sites and guide and remind the happy customers through the funnel.

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Slow sales 

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Social advertising works effectively to increase sales in business. Thus, with engaging content, you lay the foundation for more engagement. Naturally, you will want to target would-be buyers with offers. To solve this challenge through creative social media, you need to identify and reach the right customers. Therefore, define your target audience, have a strategic ad design that attracts attention, choose the right ad placement, and test and track your campaigns.

Poor connection with customers 

The challenge of nonexistent or declining connection with customers is worrying and needs a business to find a strategy fast. Most companies face this challenge at both personal and individual levels. Connecting with customers is vital to building relationships and growing your brand. The strategy to solve this is to monitor all your social media channels and provide insights, ask questions and offer help to various issues like a human. Therefore, start engaging with users in the comments. Also, encourage and train your employees to engage more and more with the customers, among other things that will work for you. 

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Low search visibility

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Today, every buyer starts their purchase journey online. So, you need to ensure your website is visible to your customers. If not, you get few customers and poor revenue. Most social sites need you to be visible to people searching for your product or service. Thus, if this is a challenge, you need to improve search visibility and focus on posting links to content that direct traffic or users to your website. Remember, social media has a link to search engine optimization. This increases site authority and improves search rankings indirectly. Use a well-researched and data-driven ads strategy as part of your overall strategy. Notably, when you have a social media page with high engagement, it shows up in search more and positions your company as a trusted resource to customers. 

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