What are the best books for the UPPSC Mains exam?

Best books for the UPPSC Mains exam? When preparing for UPPSC exam, it is always advised to refer to the original source materials to achieve a more complete and comprehensive preparation. Reference textbooks are excellent materials to base your preparation on as these give you a complete picture of the topic rather than just the pointers, which may be easily forgotten. This is especially important for the UPPSC Mains paper, as it tests the candidate’s deeper understanding of various topics. 

In addition to reference textbooks, there are also some great additional study materials and guides, such as those on the BYJU’S Exam Prep, that can aid your preparation. We have put together a comprehensive list of all the best books to aid in your UPPSC Mains exam.

What are the best books for the UPPSC Mains exam?

The UPPSC Mains exam is based on several different subjects. Each subject has a few key reference textbooks that are important for the preparation. Here is a subject-wise breakdown of the best books for UPPSC Mains that will help you in your selection process for UPPSC Mains exam.


The best books for preparing for the Geography questions in UPPSC Mains are: 

  • Certificate Physical and Human Geography, written by Goh Cheng Leong, published by Oxford India
  • Geography – A Comprehensive Study, written by Mahesh Kumar Barnwal, published by Cosmos Publications
  • Oxford School Atlas, published by Oxford India

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Indian Polity

In addition to being thoroughly versed in the Constitution of India, one can refer to the following books for getting a deep understanding of Indian Polity. Both of these textbooks are highly regarded by UPPSC aspirants. 

  • Indian Polity, written by Laxmikant, published by McGraw-Hill
  • Governance in India, written by Lakshmikanth, published by Tata McGraw-Hill


Environment is an important subject in the UPPSC Mains. Here are the best books to prepare for the Environment questions:

  • Environmental Studies: From Crisis to Cure, written by R. Rajagopalan
  • Environment and Ecology, written by R. Rajagopalan

Indian Economy

There are two great books to help you understand the Indian Economy from the entrance exam point of view and they are given below. 

  • Indian Economy, written by Ramesh Singh, published by McGraw Hill Education
  • Uttar Pradesh Year Book, published by Competition youth times

In addition to these, studying the Economic Survey of India in depth will give you an added advantage in the exam.

General Science

It is not necessary to be an expert in all the science subjects. A good understanding of them at the higher secondary level is good. For this, you can use the following book for your preparation in addition to being thorough with the NCERT science subjects.

  • General Science, published by Lucent Publication

Current Affairs

We cannot stress enough how important it is to stay up-to-date on the current affairs of the country. For this, the most important thing is to read the top newspapers of the country, such as The Hindu, The TImes of India, etc., every day. In addition to these, the following yearbooks and almanacs are also highly useful:

  • Current Affairs Yearly 2021, published by Arihant Publications
  • Manorama Yearbook 2021, published by Malayala Manorama
  • Pratiyogita Darpan Yearbook, published by Pratiyogita Darpan


To improve on your essay writing skills, you need to practice daily. The following books provide examples of excellent essays on which you can model yours:

  • 151 Essays, written by S.C.Gupta, published by Arihant Publications
  • Latest Selected Essays, written by Rajinder S. Dhillon, published by Arya Publishing Company
  • A Compendium of Essays, published by Unique Educational Publisher

General reference

In addition to the subject-specific reference textbooks, the following additional books make for excellent general reference materials. 

  • History of Modern India, written by Bipan Chandra, published by Orient Black Swan
  • Spectrum Modern History, published by Spectrum Books Pvt Ltd
  • India’s Struggle For Independence, written by Bipan Chandra, published by Penguin Random House India

As you can see, it is extremely important to have an in-depth as well as a broad understanding of all the subjects covered in the UPPSC Mains syllabus. Making use of reference books, textbooks and other materials along with your BYJU’S Exam Prep will help you stay ahead of the competition and keep your knowledge up-to-date. All the best for your exam!

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