Spotify Streams and Spotify Monthly Listeners Explained

Spotify is one of the biggest platforms of digital music streaming. Spotify is undoubtedly a perfect place for music lovers. Plus, it is also best for those who are looking for a great platform to show up their work & want to explore the music world in all possible methods. Generally, Spotify focuses on making the content highly accessible to all sorts of music listeners.

A lot of users typically get confused between these two & consider them almost the same thing. But both Spotify listeners and Spotify streams are entirely different. You can also buy Spotify monthly listeners for a better experience. If you want to know all about the Spotify monthly listeners and Spotify streams, just have a look below;

What are exactly Spotify Monthly Listeners?

Spotify monthly listeners are really unique listeners who generally play music in the time duration of 28 days. If your songs contain 1000 listeners, it clearly means that 1k people have actually listened to them. These statistics are usually updated on a regular basis and appear both on the artist profile of Spotify and on the timeline graph directly in the section of Spotify audience.

Keeping the track of the trends on the basis of the schedule of the monthly listeners can also provide you with a nice idea of how exactly your music will be played over a long time span. It will also help you comprehend the overall behavior and interest of the listeners just after a quite new music release.

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How does Spotify Do Calculation of Monthly Listeners?

The number of active users of Spotify monthly is one of the very essential aspects used by the industry of music to assess the captivation of an artist & the size of the fan base. But the question that arises here is “how exactly does Spotify make the calculation of monthly listeners?”

Well, the monthly listeners of Spotify are usually calculated in the 28 days window continuously as the number of days also change in the months of calendars. As people listen to the music distinctly relying on the days of the week, the monthly listeners also vary.

This means that it has a similar number of days of the week; the same number of days like Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, etc. If a user plays the music of an artist more than once in the period of 28 days, then they are just counted once.

Note: Spotify plays statistics and listeners are upgraded at 3:00 p.m EST once every 24 hours.

What are Spotify Streams?

Spotify streams are generally counted when the music is streamed for more than about 30 seconds by listeners. If your music is offline streamed, it’ll be counted on that day when the listener will come online again. Plus, you can also buy Spotify plays as it is a very good step to make your music familiar in this streaming world. The total stream number involves just those songs where you’re known as the remixer or the main artist. So, the artist must focus on how he can increase the Spotify plays for generating royalties.

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