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Using Data Visualizations to Leverage Your Online Marketing Data

Working with marketing data in a company of any scale means that you have to not only process large volumes of information but also deliver these data to other employees and even your CEO. Making any data accessible and digestible is an art form in itself, and previously, you would need a team of designers to create a nice compact presentation with your marketing info. Luckily, with the help of modern data visualization services, anybody can use Vista Create poster maker to enhance presentations in no time and deliver top-notch reports.

The Importance of Data Visualization in the Modern World

Being bombarded with loads of data is one of the biggest concerns of modern society. Even 50 years ago, there was not nearly as much information and ads surrounding us daily. Many people feel like drowning in data today, and it certainly does not help with perceiving information and making the most of it. It has been shown in many recent studies that people are still able to process most of the information they receive, but only if they see it and not read it. It has been discovered that about 80% of data received visually can be easily remembered, while only 30% of information remains after reading through it.

This is why presenting marketing information is most efficiently done through visualizing data and presenting them out loud at the same time rather than submitting a dry report for everyone to read and forget.

Working with the Right Data to Visualize

When working on a presentation, it is crucial to present the data everyone wants and needs to see. You can make a stunning infographic, but it should deliver substance and not just empty figures. Here is some information to focus on when presenting online marketing data:

  • Clients attracted by marketing – it is important to have a clear idea of how many clients are attracted regularly thanks to the marketing campaign. This helps with demonstrating the potential of the marketing department.
  • Return on investment – every cent spent on marketing should be worth it, which is why it is essential to visualize the amount of revenue generated thanks to the investment in the marketing campaign.
  • Examining traffic – online marketing relies heavily on traffic. Understanding which channels generate the most traffic and how to maximize the other channels that deliver less traffic than expected is the main priority.
  • Tracking pages – one of the important metrics is the behavior of the visitors to your website. Everything needs to be tracked and reported, including how much time they spend on every page and how many pages they visit on the site.
  • Evolution of your marketing spending – demonstrate how much money and other resources have been spent on various marketing tools and how the revenue increased or decreased over certain periods.

This is not a full list of data that you can include in your report visualization, but it is most often used based on the needs of each audience.

Types of Data Visualization Tools

Each type of data has certain ways of visualization that suit it best. It is also important to use specific data visualization techniques to make the most of your presentation. Here are some of the most popular types.

Line Chart

pen om paper

This type of chart is commonly used to visualize some kind of evolution or growth. The volatility of certain variables can be also demonstrated conveniently with this kind of chart. In case you need to show the growth of income or the expansion of your client base by months or years, this is a great choice.

Bar Chart

white and blue Sato chart

This is a versatile chart that can be horizontal, vertical, or even stacked. It is similar to the line chart but more convenient for comparisons and ranking. Stacked bar charts can be used for the convenient comparison of data over different periods.


red and black abstract art

In some cases, maps can be used for a great visualization. Especially for businesses that operate worldwide, it is very efficient to use the world map and demonstrate the number of clients based on their location or the number of countries that give you the most traffic.

Venn Diagram

This is a nice colorful way of showing how your data intersects and behaves in comparison with other information. Since it is more visually attractive than classic line charts, it can convey information better.


Visualizing online marketing data is not an easy task, and you need to take many things into account. From the exact data you need to deliver to your specific audience to the most suitable type of chart or diagram, it is important to make the right decisions. However, picking the right visualization delivers numerous benefits. Thanks to online template services, it becomes easier to create visually appealing charts.

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