How do I fix my phone from overheating?

Imagine yourself using your phone, and it gets overheated. Came across this often? 

It’s not a common scenario that highlights the healthiness of the phone. Rather it is a scenario where your phone craves treatment. The reason can be extra usage or 100 opened tabs. This blog will enlighten you about why your phone is overheating and how you can fix it. 

The mobile repairing center is your go-to place if the possible ways mentioned henceforth will not resolve your issue. To make this easy for you, we will highlight the name of a highly professional mobile issue fixer. Read along with us because this is the biggest cell phone issue for everyone that might lead to phone blasting while using.  

Why is the Phone Overheating? 

Over usage: There are movies of 2.5 hours and web series of around 7-8 hours or more. There can be tutorial videos of around 16-17 hours. During such long hours, your phone is in constant consumption. In such a case, the phone might overheat. The processor gets tired of providing you with the right speed while you watch the videos.

Processing: Another significant factor contributing to the widespread problem of excessive heating in mobile devices is the use of multiple processors. While doing so, you are simultaneously watching a video and downloading a game. Additionally, all of the network-related features on your device, such as the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth hotspots, are turned on, and background applications are operating as normal. This multitasking may be a bit too much for your device to handle, and as a result, it may begin to overheat. The processor’s performance will deteriorate with time if the over-usage is not controlled. In such a case, you have to rush to the phone repair service provider because the processor is damaged and that can’t be fixed. 

High Brightness: There is a user who likes light a lot. During the off light of nature, they keep the brightness to 100%. This will reduce the life of the screen and will also burn your battery. When the pressure is on the battery, the back of the phone will overheat. 

Overcharging: Charging the phone at night is the wrong procedure. You are just overcharging your phone. Also, it is not good to charge your phone when it is above 20%. The phone, irrespective of companies, can run for a 1-hour maximum when they have a 20% charge. If you end up charging your phone extra, it will build unwanted energy to the battery. With the unwanted energy, it will start to overheat and will also deteriorate the battery performance.

Battery issues:  Overworked batteries will lead to battery issues. The battery problem will end up with an overheating problem. All the connections are tied, and therefore it is important to take care of the battery. As mentioned in the Overcharging point, do not extra charge your phone because it will exert unnecessary pressure. 

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Right Charger: A charger is always provided with the phone, except in the case of the iPhone. The charger is provided as per the battery power and backup of the phone. You are guided to use the charger authorized for your phone rather than any other charger. Right Watt powers should be used to charge your phone to maintain the battery balance. 

Turn Off Extra: Stop using Google Chrome with 98 tabs opened in the background. You are just consuming an extra unwanted processor of the phone. The extra processing will produce high pressure on the phone, ultimately making it heat. 

Cut Short your PUBG times: High interface games consume a lot of battery and slow your phone. It not only hampers the phone’s processor but also gives effect longevity. Playing for an hour or two will work for your phone. If you stretch the duration to 4-5 hours, the battery will heat and make your phone overheat. Try to cut the time slowly and start involving yourself in some hobby. 

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Avoid using back cases: Phones need some open spaces. Even when the phone is heating, if you use the back cases, there won’t be any area for the heat to release. Whenever you find your phone heating, remove the back case and don’t expose the phone to the higher temperature. Exposing near a higher temperature will boost the high temperature of the phone. Rather, keep it case free when you observe overheating. You can put back the cases once the temperature gets back to normal. 

Updates: Using the outdated application will slow your phone and put a lot of pressure on your processor. Updating the application will reduce the loading time and remove unnecessary bugs. You are guided to check for the update after every 3 weeks or once a month at your phone’s Play Store or Apple store. 

Reset: There can be bugs, viruses or big files that slow your phone processor. In such a case, all you can do is reset your phone. You will get the option of resetting in the Settings Application under Factory Data Reset. This option will format your phone and make it as good as new. 

Application at iOS: Along with heating, iPhones tend to lag a lot and drain the battery faster. The reason is an application used. One of the quickest ways to eliminate this problem is to turn on your “Airplane mode.” Airplane mode will cut off any other connection the phone has. You are requested to turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile data with the Airplane mode. Doing this will give your iPhone processor some time to process and accept. 


The phone often overheats because of unexpected drainage of RAM. The above list of “why” will help you understand where you are going wrong. By keeping the wrong in mind, you can minimize overheating issues. If you are having a hard time cooling down your iPhone, take apple iPhone repair services from the professional of Shatterfix. 

Professional guidance helps because they are more equipped with “how to fix” techniques. Get in touch with Shatterfix and know more.

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