3 Mental Phases That Better Prepare You for Addiction Treatment

3 Mental Steps to Addiction Treatment

Settling into the decision to seek treatment for addiction-related disorders can be an intimidating process, and it, therefore, helps to be prepared. This preparation can be done with the help of your doctor or therapist so you get the best mental prep before beginning. The goals for different individuals vary throughout the process, and your readiness can have a huge impact on ensuring long-lasting change. 

The different mental phases to take throughout the process include:

Coming up with your why:

This is the pre-contemplation phase of your emotional preparedness where the need for change sets in. There may be some resistance at first, but with the intervention of others and self-assessment, the need for change is recognized. This may be in light of the different effects that the drug has on the user such as lost relationships, lost jobs, and other health implications.  

The need to become better is driven by such whys as restoring broken relationships, better career opportunities, or religious-based reasons. It can also be found in the life purpose of an individual such as their art and unachieved dreams.

The why will be the motivating factor to stick in alcohol treatment centers no matter how difficult it becomes. There is a strong grounding that can be further heightened by developing a vision board and a list of affirmations to use. 


Most times the hesitation to begin addiction treatment stems from fear and uncertainty of what the treatment will entail. That is why being thoroughly informed can help quell fears and make enrollment into the program easier. 

This stage includes physical actions toward getting into alcohol treatment centers and getting the necessary care for tangible change. It will include:

  • Research on best treatment programs and the daily workings of a treatment program. 
  • Taking care of present obligations such as work and family obligations.
  • Make sure that your finances are in order and that you get the necessary medical care coverage.
  • Packing up the essentials you will need to use in the program.
  • Enjoy your time with your friends and family before leaving.

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Action and maintenance:

This stage involves the devotion of time and energy to take observable actions in facilitating change. It may begin with enrolling in a rehab center for inpatient or outpatient treatment. The action period spans 6 months with the maintenance stage setting in after that. A good aftercare program helps to make sure that you can re-enter society easily and stay committed to the course despite relapses and present triggers. 

The aftercare program often involves participating in outpatient treatment programs that entail group and individual therapy and support groups. Some alcohol treatment centers include after-care treatment as part of the entire program, which makes the transmission smoother.


Knowing the processes of rehab is instrumental to mental preparedness, but it still does not take away the actual stress of going to rehab. The positive thing is that throughout the process, you will get to be equipped with practical skills for managing stress and triggers. It is also important to maintain a strong support system because long-lasting recovery is much easier with a strong social support system.

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