Nail Care Tips for Healthy, Strong & Beautiful Nails


Flawless skin and hair care routines top the priority of every person on the goal to appear well-groomed. Set the bars high for beauty standards and personal hygiene with manicured and well maintained nails. Check out the best ways to follow for beautiful and organised nails. The best nail cutter in India helps you tame the growing nails and filing in one direction shapes, thickens the priorly brittle nail textures. The seriousness of taking care of your nails can be easily understood when forwarding your arm to grab or offer anything. All the attention goes on your hands to finally concentrate on your nails.

Get all the answers on your fingertips here, confidently go barefoot on the beach by enriching your beauty regime with the right methods of manicures for strong and healthy nails.


  • Get rid of any habit that affects your nails such as biting them, scratching on things, stickers, opening tight lid boxes and so on.
  • Use gloves to work in such conditions which includes liquids, chemicals, dirt and soil such as cleaning, gardening. 
  • Tend to the nail cuticles by cleaning them with a rub of salt, water and trim them carefully if they appear split. Massage with coconut oil, hand creams to moisturise your nails and cuticles from breaking and losing their strength. 
  • Trimming is good for hair and nails for stronger and healthier growth in place of the damaged cells. Put them in shapes for a neat look.
  • Before directly applying the nail polish colours, coat your nails with a base coat. It helps to add leverage to the nail paints you so dearly possess and avoids the nail from chipping off easily. 
  • Limit the use of gels and acrylics to paint your nails for super exciting displays. These cause damage with their chemically rich composition. Doesn’t matter how hardcore fan you are of these artificial substances, but grant your nails some days of relief with neat trimming, clearing off the piants and moisturising.
  • File your nails patiently as opposed to the to and fro motion of the filing stick. Do it in one direction to save your nails from breaking prematurely.
  • Prefer oil based manicures for your nails, as the water based manicures expand the nail beds to later shrink upon drying and hinder the nail polish texture. And exclusively choose the chemical, cruelty and toxin free nail polish substances.
  • Try the other alternatives to nail polishes such as buffing them with a fine grit buffer board. The acetone free nail paints are the safer deals for nail health and strength. Vegan and oil based and water permeable formulas have arrived in the stores. You just need to be choosy about them.

Your nails could indicate a lot about your health and so doctors recommend not to paint them as much for a clear insight on your inner health. Take in vitamin B supplements along with hydration for strong and healthy nails. So care and paint but with certain restrictions at times to connect with your body’s inner disposition.

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