Practical Tips for Patients to Quickly Recover from A Root Canal Procedure

Root Canal Procedure

Chatswood has a population of 24,913, comprising 6,506 families with or without children. According to the website, 3 in 10 people in Australia, including those living in Chatswood, avoid visiting a dentist due to the high cost of the procedure. However, one must be aware that, under the Dental Benefits Act of 2008, the government pays benefits for the dental service one procures. The Dental Benefits Rule of 2014 provides the Child Dental Benefits Schedule to provide consensual guidelines for undergoing dental procedures.

Those who experience pain or bleeding in their gums or a general sense of discomfort must consult a local dentist in Chatswood to examine the issue and rectify it immediately. If a dental professional discovers an issue, it is essential for the individual to consider all the treatment options, undergo the appropriate one, and follow the recovery instructions by doctors. People with tooth cavities that are no longer treatable with dental care routines might have to undergo a root canal under the supervision of a dentist.

Avoid Consuming Food Immediately

As the root canal procedure takes a while to complete, the patients might find the urge to consume food to satiate their hunger immediately after. However, they must only consume food after the numbness in their mouth disappears. They must not consume food that requires chewing or biting, directly affecting the tooth until their tenderness disappears.

Keep the Head Elevated

Patients might experience discomfort, pain, soreness, and swelling around the mouth after the procedure. They can reduce it by keeping their head elevated as they sleep for the first few nights or recovery. They can do so by keeping the head propped up using a pillow. 


While the root canal procedure is painless after the aesthetic wears out, the patient can experience pain and discomfort in their jaw and gums. Dentists recommend over-the-counter painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication to reduce the pain.

Gargle with Salted Water

Salt mixed in warm water creates the perfect solution for gargling to keep the mouth clean and prevent the development of infection around the affected tooth. The patients must use warm and not hot water with half a teaspoon of salt.

Eat Ice Cream or Use Cold Compress

Using a cold compress or consuming cool ice cream can reduce the swelling after a root canal. As patients might experience tooth sensitivity, they can avoid eating on that particular side of the mouth. However, they can use a cold compress for up to 15 minutes several times a day until the pain and swelling have reduced.

Avoid Hot Food and Drinks

While cold food and drinks reduce the swelling, hot drinks, food, smoking, or alcohol can hamper recovery. These items can cause inflammation in the mouth, increasing the risk of re-infection.

Take a Break from Physical Activities

The patients must refrain from involvement in physical activities like running, sports, exercising, hiking, and physical labour, which might aggravate the pain. Instead, they must take the time to relax and take a walk if they require some exercise.

Keep an Eye on Developments in the Mouth

After the procedure, patients must track their healing and recovery. If they experience increased swelling, rashes, hives, pain, and inflammation despite the measures, they must not refrain from following up with a dentist in Chatswood. Dental clinics in Chatswood are well equipped and have a professional team to cater to dental requirements and treat dental issues.

Tooth decay is one of the most dominant health concerns. Although neglected by many, dental care creates a world of difference regarding an individual’s appearance, dental health, and overall health. 

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