How To Make Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Do you want to know how to create your feminized marijuana seeds? You’ve probably spent most of your growing time worrying about keeping your plants happy and healthy so that they can both survive and develop. This has most likely consumed most of your time.

It has most likely taken up more of your time than you anticipated. How could you ever consider doing something more the next time?

The truth is that having one season’s worth of a fantastic harvest is a nice thing – but you can make it much better by looking ahead.

During your growing season, you have accomplished several extremely challenging tasks. Perhaps you had to overcome unexpected challenges. Do you want to make things easier the next time?

Start looking at your plants more closely if they are actively maturing. Are there any new growths forming where the stem and leaf meet? Are some of your plants getting tall and slender while others stay bushy and short?

These changes result from your plants attaining sexual maturity. As soon as this happens, you should be able to precisely pick which plants to multiply so that you have a pot store for the full year. Do you know how to make feminized marijuana seeds? If not, visit i49 to discover how to produce female marijuana seeds.

This essay will go through the fundamentals of planning for future growing seasons. The seeds of your plants and the sexes of those seeds are the key to success.

How to sex plants

The first stage in making these critical choices is determining which plants are male and female. You should be able to accomplish this as soon as the seasons change.

Male plants will begin to respond as soon as the length of daylight goes below eighteen hours per day. They will start to form bud-like growths, greenish-white flowers shaped like an egg. When you shake these flowers, you won’t be able to tell which is male or female since they will emit a cloud of pollen.

About two weeks later, you may notice visible changes in the females. They will begin to form buds, which will appear as cactus-like white growth at the tips of the branches.

These buds will continue to grow for about a month, at which point they will be much larger, sticky with resin, and odorous. This stench may smell like a skunk or sweet and lovely, depending on your growing strain.

Surprisingly, you can tell which plants are male even before they start reacting to variations in light. In general, your crop’s male plants will be the tallest.

This simple evolutionary feature has been naturally chosen over generations — males are more likely to effectively release pollen onto female plants as they are blossoming because they are taller and mature faster. Taller guys’ pollen will also fly longer distances in the wind.

Male plants also perish earlier than females. You can, fortunately, take off their blooms and smoke or consume them (after properly drying them, of course). You’ll be thrilled with the subsequent high because it’ll be almost as pleasant as smoking your harvest’s female buds later.

What is pollination

To seed or not to seed? That is the eternal question of many marijuana farmers, especially new ones. When left to their apparatuses, male marijuana plants will fertilize the females, resulting in a new generation of seeds being “born.” While this may appear innocuous to an inexperienced grower, it can dramatically reduce your harvest.

THC-Rich Buds

When female plants are fertilized, they produce less resin, which contains a high concentration of THC. The greatest THC can be found on any marijuana plant in an unfertilized bloom. Furthermore, unfertilized females might stay in the flowering period for a long time – between six and ten weeks – resulting in more THC-rich buds.

All of this means you’ll have to pick how many (if any) female plants you want to be fertilized and how many you want for your harvest.

Protecting your females from fertilization isn’t as simple as it sounds, but it’s critical to a successful harvest. The most effective approach is to uproot your men and relocate them away from vulnerable females.

It would help if you considered the large male-female ratio when you first planted. Marijuana plants are typically 70% male; therefore, removing all male plants will dramatically reduce the number of plants.

Remember that the ultimate result will be better, so don’t be afraid of the procedure. You should be certain that a plant is male before eliminating it from your crop.

Nothing is worse than uprooting a plant you thought was male-only to realize you killed a massive female plant that may have considerably contributed to your overall harvest.

Many producers who only desire marijuana for personal use will let the males fertilize the females and then remove the marijuana seeds from the harvest.

How to make seeds

This method is best suited for indoor gardeners and entails fertilizing your plants. To begin, determine which plants are male and female (see above).

Of course, you’ll need at least one male to fertilize your females, but generally, just one is plenty. Choose one male plant that you believe has the best attributes and remove the rest.

The next step is to separate this male plant from the females so that you may manage its illumination separately.

While the ladies continue to be exposed to continuous light, your male plant should be exposed to 12 hours of the morning and 12 hours of complete darkness. This change in lighting will cause the male to blossom and, as a result, produce pollen.

You should collect this pollen and keep it since you will need it later. Using a piece of paper, collect the pollen from the flowers and place it in an envelope. To keep the envelope fresh, put it in the freezer.

In the meantime, keep your female plants in the vegetative phase for as long as feasible. When the flowering period begins, it is time to use the pollen that has been stored in the freezer.

Choose the females you wish to pollinate carefully. It could be because she possesses special attributes that you value or because she is descended from the same strain as the male plant, which happens to be a fantastic strain, and you want to keep the strain fully pure.

Place the pollen in one of the female plant’s colas (s). Don’t pollinate the same plant’s blooms, and don’t get pollen in the blossoms of other plants, either.

Pollination of your plants must be done with caution. To get the best results, separate the entire female plant to avoid contaminating the other plants.

To begin, place the frozen pollen in a shallow basin and grab a little painting paintbrush. Glaze the pollen on the top of your female plant’s cola with this brush.

After around four days, expose the pollinated female plant to 12 hours of direct sunlight and 12 hours of complete darkness. This is when you no longer need to be concerned about cross-pollination because the pollen has become securely attached to the cola.

Please keep a close check on your fertilized female to ensure that you collect her seeds at the appropriate time. Marijuana seeds that have matured will be brown in hue rather than green.

When the seeds are mature enough, pull them out with your fingertips. Label the container containing the seeds and place them all in the refrigerator. They will retain their potential to germinate the following season as long as they remain cool and dry.

Finally, you’ll have a good, high-quality strain of seeds for your next growing season, and the rest of your unpollinated plants will yield fantastic cannabis. It is an excellent strategy to save money while improving the quality of your future crops.

Feminizing seeds

You probably think that the 70% male and 30% female average is a travesty at this point. The majority of growers would agree with you. When using traditional fertilization methods, you don’t have much influence over the genders of your plans.

This is why many people take precautions to ensure that they only (or largely) receive female plants. Feminizing your marijuana seeds is one technique to tip the scales in your favor.

In general, it is impossible to distinguish between male and female seeds. You cannot also change the gender of a seed. The goal of feminizing your plants is to increase the number of females in your crop because female plants have a higher THC content than males and get priority.

Seed feminization employs various pollination techniques to tip the scales in your favor. If you have some extra cash and aren’t feeling up to the challenge, marijuana seed providers sell already feminized seeds.

Purchasing feminized marijuana seeds online can be hit or miss. Make certain that the firm from which you are purchasing is reliable. i49 is the best online seed store.

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