How you can get attest your documents and why it is required?

The act of witnessing the signing of a formal document and then signing it to verify that it was correctly signed by those obligated by its contents is known as attestation. Attestation is a legal acknowledgement of a document’s validity as well as a confirmation that correct procedures were followed.

In general, an attestation is a third-party confirmation of the legitimacy of a written agreement. The person or entity serving as the signing witness should ideally have no professional or personal ties to either of the signings. This requirement is enforced by state probate law in several places. Here degree apostille in Mumbai gives you all the latest update regarding all this.

How to get attestation in India

How to get attestation in India?

  1. In India, document attestation is an indirect practice that should only be undertaken after a comprehensive grasp of all the circumstances.
  2.  In order to obtain document attestation in India, it is preferable to contact certificate attestation agencies so that the process may be completed quickly and without difficulty. 
  3. Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Delhi are just a few of the cities where we provide services.

Types of attestation

Notary Attestation: This sort of document attestation is the most fundamental type of attestation for any legal activity, and it is also the first step toward document attestation. It is mostly accomplished through the use of a signature obtained from a local notary.

Attestation by the Home Department: This form of attestation is primarily connected to attesting personal papers that are only to be done by authorized individuals, such as death certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates, and so on.

Attestation by the Human Rights Department: This form of attestation is used to confirm the authenticity of educational credentials and papers. This is done when an employer applies for a job or when a student seeks more schooling to learn more about his academic background.

Attestation of a Sub-divisional Magistrate: It performs independently of HRD attestation and has the same purpose as HRD attestation. It is an alternative to HRD attestation, however in some instances, HRD certification is required.

Embassy Attestation: This sort of attestation is performed by other governments to verify the authenticity of a person’s papers. For example, if an Indian travels to UAE, the UAE embassy will scrutinize his identity documents upon his arrival.

Why it is required?

  • For a number of reasons, both internal and external to the country, an attestation certificate or document is necessary. 
  • It might be necessary for court purposes, such as the submission of crucial evidence, or for non-judicial purposes, such as the opening of a bank account, getting a visa, or conducting business in another country.
  • VISAs of various categories, such as job visas, student visas, residence visas, and others, all need the legalization of various forms of papers. 
  • It is necessary for commercial paperwork while doing business overseas or bringing in business from another country.

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