How Does Community Engagement Help You as a Student?

All of us are aware of the fact that parental involvement is a huge part of the educational framework. Many students have identified parent engagement as an important factor affecting the success of individual students as well as the school environment. However, many schools tend to overlook the importance of collaboration and engagement and do not take into consideration the fact that the success of several students is due to the result of three groups that collaborate to offer the best opportunities to the child—parents, teachers, and community.

Studies have shown that there is a positive correlation between family, school as well as the community in the growth and development of a student. The limited perspective of education can affect the life of a child in a significant manner. However, there is a lot of education that happens outside the classroom. What occurs before the start of the class and after it ends can be very important and impactful for the student. This is why community engagement is an important aspect of the educational process.

Benefits of community engagement

Community engagement across all the levels in the top CBSE school in Gurgaon has been shown to have significant short-term and long-term benefits. Whenever parents, schools, and communities work in collaboration to support learning, the students get a chance to earn high grades and attend school more regularly. Increasing community involvement should be a goal for every student. It will help raise a well-rounded and civic-minded child who is not solely dependent on the school curriculum.

1. Better student engagement

A huge benefit of community engagement for a student is the high level of student engagement. A lot of students are often thinking about the whole point of high school, and many wonder if the things taught in class are ever going to help them in the future. Some work done in school might seem very pointless and community-engaged learning can answer this question for all students. When children do real work in the world, as opposed to worksheets, they see the point.

Once they see the point of the work, their engagement will increase and they will be keen to learn more about the different subjects because it is put to use in the community and not because it is on the worksheet. Students learn to master the ins and outs of writing and they understand the impact of revision. Community engagement will create students who are keen to learn and it will create a culture of engaged learners by providing them with opportunities that can be applied in real life. 

2.  Deeper learning

Due to the breadth of the material covered by the courses in school, there is no time for the students to go deeper into areas that interest them. They do not get a chance to be really interested in what they are learning before it is time to move to the next topic. With community engagement, the best school in India ensures that students enjoy a deeper level of learning since it utilizes the mentors in the community and addresses real world problems that we all are facing. It enhances deeper learning and empowers the students. 

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3.  Right start to college

Several colleges are moving towards the community-engaged learning model, and they offer many courses with its components. If students are well versed in community engagement, they will have the necessary skills to thrive in the learning environment.

Get started with community engagement in school.

There are several benefits of community engagement for students, and the best way to get started is through volunteering. It is one of the most common ways to encourage community involvement. You can connect with nonprofit foundations, local businesses, civic organizations, charities, and other groups to connect with volunteers who can visit the school at the end of the day. Volunteering can also involve inviting leaders to visit classes and speak about their business or profession. When well-known individuals engage in community development, they can inspire several others. Community members should be encouraged to volunteer before and after school.

The benefits of community engagement are many and it is time Gurgaon top schools recognize this. In order to ensure that children grow up as well-rounded individuals, it is important to provide them with the right support and exposure. Through community management, students get to be ready for the real world, they understand the kind of problems that exist in the community and try to resolve them. Not every problem will be easily handled by children but at least they will learn to look at life through a clear glass. It is important for every child to step out of the school premises and classroom to see the world that exists outside of the school. This is where community engagement will help them. Students will learn to use their education and skills to help the community and they will become grounded and humble. The sooner they engage, the better it is for their growth and learning. Each school should understand the importance of community engagement and offer an opportunity to the students to be a part of it.

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