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Instagram Engagement With Reels

Instagram is a great place to communicate with the rest of the world and give yourself a platform to voice your opinions. Instagram, over the years, has grown magnificently. It started as a simple platform that soon grew into one of the most used platforms in the entire world.

Over the years, Instagram has developed a lot of new features. Instagram reels have become one of the most used and popular features of Instagram. These reels are highly entertaining and very easy to scroll through.

More than regular videos and posts, the audience on Instagram views the reels. This also opens up a lot of new doors for creators. You can easily upload a reel and get thousands of views in just a tiny amount of time. People find reels so fun that they keep scrolling them for hours on a stretch.

Since these reels are very short and are just a few seconds, the audience can also consume a lot more content in a short period. Even if you do not have a lot of followers or engagements on your account, you can easily find exposure to your reels. All you need to do is post a reel and add a few hashtags, and it will get a lot of engagements. 

Naturally, reels will appear on many explore pages, and many people will interact with them. If you wish to know more about increasing your engagement with the help of reels, keep reading the article. Here are 9 ways to boost Instagram engagement with reels:

Use hashtags:

Using hashtags is one of the best ways to help you reach a broader range of audiences. Hashtags are the best way to connect you with your target audience. You do not need any followers on your account to get viewed if you use hashtags. When people search for peculiar content, they type in the hashtag relating to it. In this way, your hashtag will act as a link to your account and the audience. They can also help you appear on the explore pages of your target audiences a lot more.

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The trends on Instagram are constantly changing. The audios and the music in trend also vary depending upon these. It would help if you stay updated with the sound and only use the audio that is currently relevant. If you use old and irrelevant music on your posts, people will not pay much attention. Using trending audios will also help you appear at the forefront of the explore pages.

Use secondary editing apps:

The editing for reels on Instagram itself is pretty basic. It does not offer you many options to edit uniquely and excitingly. Therefore, if you wish for your videos to stand out, you should resort to using some other apps that will help you edit your use in a better manner. There are various apps available in the store nowadays which will give you unique and fun templates for editing your reels. These will help enhance the quality of your content and help you get more engagements.

Use transitions and effects:

To make your boring videos more fun, you can add effects. Social media is all about surprises. If you wish to surprise your audience and give them something unique to consume, you should try using transitions and effects in your videos. You can try out various trending transitions like the snapping or swiping transitions. You can also add effects by using green screens, filters, or multiple CGI systems. This will also help to attract more attention.

Be more interactive:

If you wish to gain engagements, you should be more interactive in your reels. Your interactions can be anything from asking them questions and telling them to answer your comments or telling them funny stories and asking for their opinion on them. There will be more communication and conversations between you and your followers in this manner. 

Understand your audience:

After gaining a certain number of followers, you need to examine your followers. You should also see which post of yours gets the most likes and engagements. This will also show you what type of content people like from you and what kind of content they expect in the future. In this manner, you can deliver your reel based on their expectations. This will also help you gain your engagement and grow your account by constantly satisfying your audience.

Try storytelling:

Storytimes are something that everyone loves on social media. Since people come here for entertainment, stories are the best way to entertain them. In addition, stories through reels are even more effective as they are short yet highly informative. Therefore, you should try and share exciting stories on your reels.

Make attractive thumbnails:

Your thumbnails are highly crucial to the amount of engagement you get on your reels. This is the first photo everyone sees before they click and view your reel. Therefore, it needs to be attractive to grab the attention of a large audience.

Give shoutouts:

Once you get a lot of followers, you need to show them that you are grateful and humble about all of your growth. The best way to do so is by giving shout-outs. You can tag, mention and thank random followers from your follower list or your likes or comments. This helps to build a stronger relationship between you and your audience. It also shows that you genuinely care about the people following and supporting you.

These are 9 ways to boost Instagram engagement with reels. We hope that these could help you better understand the features of reels and grow your account.

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