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How to make your Instagram profile thrive in 2022: a guide to success

In 2022 it is hardly possible to call Instagram a personal social media net – companies, brands, content creators come here to monetize their posts, find audiences, promote and advertise. Meanwhile big content creators have already occupied this niche, newcomers are still there, trying to build their way up to the top, and for that they need some knowledge and help from the side. If you are one of these newcomers, you’re lucky to be on this page – as here we have prepared for you a guide on how to make your IG profile thrive in 2022. We will be talking about several options that you can use to reach success, including a chance to buy Instagram followers, working with an SMM manager and taking a grip on regular posting. 

What can you do for free

So, when we’re talking about quick, safe and decent promotional methods, we’re meaning paid ones for sure – only these can bring you results in a glimpse of an eye and increase not only your followers count, but also your statistics and audience reach. However, some of these methods are not that necessary and can be replaced with something else.

It applies to working with a social media manager – these specialists take lots of money for their services, however, if you’d take a part of those duties on yourself and another part you’d delegate to another third party service (we’re going to talk about it later), you’d be able to reach the same great results in the same time period, but without much expenses. Usually, SMM specialists take care of the increase in followers’ count, ads, writing posts and processing visuals. However, all of that can be done separately: for example, followers’ increase can be provided by a chance to buy real Instagram followers, writing texts – by you, processing visuals – by you as well, and ads could be taken on in several different (paid and unpaid ways). 

A possibility to purchase subscribers is a “bridge” towards an account that has weight and authority – when somebody sees a page that has none of the followers, thumbs up or comments, they doubt whether they should check out its content or not. But when a person sees that a resource has a certain “fan base”, that there are signs of validation and approval, they have way more willingness to interact with this page’s content. This is why, if you’re planning to develop your page, you should definitely use this chance and improve your subs’ count and your statistics. But to be sure that things will go smoothly, you need to check whether you’re buying real subs or not – the fake ones can really negatively impact your profile and make you sorry for the choice you’ve made. 

Then, coming back to the free part, you should be taking care of the texts and visuals, when you have delegated the worries about the subs’ regular increase to the professionals from a third party website. Writing and processing becomes way easier when you have a content plan in front of you. It might be not highly detailed, but it has to have lots of ideas and formats in it. So every time that you pull it out, you’re able to find something to post today. Work on it 24/7 (not too intensely though, or you will have a risk to burn out quickly), add new ideas, delete the irrelative ones. 

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What else is available 

There are also lots of other different promotional tools: for example, cross posting, commenting, activity chats, influence marketing (ads from “big” bloggers). In 2022 all of those methods are working with different efficiency, however, we’d recommend to definitely use PR from bloggers – paid and free.

Free one is possible, if you’re contacting folks who have approximately the same number of subs as you do – you can write several bloggers in your niche an offer to collaborate and exchange and conjoin your audiences. So, if you have 500 subs each, together you can beat that number up to 1000. Convenient, isn’t it? If you’d collaborate with 5-6 bloggers this way, just imagine, what can you achieve. 

If you’re here for less effort and max results, you can contact the “bigger” bloggers, who monetize their accounts using PR. They tell their audience about certain people, places, products and services – this is called “native advertising”. If people love the ad, they click on the link of the profile and subscribe to the person or brand that was advertised. However, to make sure that you’re going to win a lot using this option, choose a blogger from your or neighboring niche and pick the one, who causes positive emotions in you personally. This is a very important aspect; don’t work with people blindly, rely on your intuition as well. 

To support all of the above, you can use activity chats (chats in TG and WA where bloggers support, like, comment and follow each other), commenting (leaving friendly and polite comments under the posts of big bloggers to attract their audience) and cross posting (telling about your new social media on other social media resources of yours). However, remember that no paid or free PR option will work, if you won’t post interesting content regularly and won’t stay in touch with your audience. So put your effort in that and 

leave the rest to professionals. 

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