How To Tell Herpes From Pimple? 3 Quick Ways

Herpes is common in the United States as every one in six people is a carrier of the virus, knowing or unknowingly. Herpes has different symptoms, and bumps or soreness is one of them. The pimples with herpes and regular pimples have so many similarities. But herpes also has other conditions like ingrown hairs, bacterial vaginosis, bug bites, itchiness, aches and many more. The pimple is the most common that many of us misunderstand.

Nobody wants to mistake herpes pimples with something familiar like acne. Therefore it is essential to know the difference between bumps or sores with herpes and regular acne.

The herpes pimples look different but also have similarities with common acne or pimples.

So it is a common query to tell herpes from pimples. If you also have confusion, then this guide is for you.

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Pimples vs Herpes Blisters

Before moving toward the discussion about herpes blisters and pimples, it is essential to know about herpes. Herpes is an STD or sexually transmitted disease that spreads through skin-to-skin contact or direct contact with the infected area of the herpes carrier. Herpes has two common forms, including HSV 1 and HSV 2. HSV 1 is the most common and causes blisters in the mouth or oral region. 

These herpes blisters include both cold sores and itchy or fever blisters. Whereas HSV 2 usually affect the genital region and doesn’t show blisters in the oral region.

Whereas, the common pimples or acne are due to hygiene issues. The abscess arises on the face due to clogging of dirt in oil glands or pores on the skin. It increases bacterial infection and causes inflammation in pores that appear as pimples. Moreover, the pore also has clogs due to other conditions like fungal infection in hair follicles, dermatitis and others.

So, pimples and herpes blisters are different and appear for other reasons. It is essential to identify the sores before concluding them as herpes blisters.

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How do you identify the pimples and herpes blisters?

It is challenging to identify the difference between herpes blisters and pimples as both are small red bumps with pus around the mouth. However, it also has a considerable difference between the location, nature and pus.


The herpes blisters appear as a white, red, yellow and translucent blister or bump full of clear liquid. The regular pimples are red and pint in nature with no clear liquid. The herp sore appears in the bunch, whereas the pimples appear as an individual or cluster. Moreover, the pimples are round in shape and firm when you touch them, but herpes is painful and similar to red ulcers under the skin.


Besides the appearance or nature of herpes blisters or pimples, it is essential to know about the discharge from blisters. As we already mention, the herpes blisters have a clear liquid, whereas the pimples are thick with pus. If the pimple or herpes blister bursts, it discharges the pus.


The pimples appear due to the clogged pores, which means it is in the deep layers of skin. In comparison, the herp sore appears externally on the skin surface. Moreover, the herp sores are near the mouth region, and pimples appear where dirt or dust can accumulate.

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