5 Reasons You Should Give Your Employees CPR Training

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an emergency lifesaving procedure that is primarily applied when someone’s heartbeat or breathing has stopped. A report released by the American heart association clearly shows that over 35000 of the total cardiac incidents happened outside hospitals; therefore, CPR training at work is essential. 

With employees being the essential resource, the company should commit resources to ensure they are safe every time. Companies should not worry about the cost of this training because there are corporate discounts for certifying employee groups. Below are five reasons companies should get their employees well trained to deal with emergency cases.

  • CPR Training Equips One with Lifesaving Skills

Research shows that out of the many cardiac cases, only 10 percent survive; the rest perish before the medical personnel arrives at the incident. Learn more CPR equips one with knowledge such as using an automated external defibrillator, which enables you to make a difference for people in critical health situations such as heart attacks. 

The equipment can preserve a person’s life until you take the patient to the hospital for advanced treatment. Companies should take advantage of corporate discounts for certifying employee groups to ensure that employees and trained to deal with emergencies at work.

  • Reduces Workplace Accidents

Companies spend millions of dollars dealing with workplace accident occurrences, including medical bills and compensations. Now it’s possible to cut down such costs by getting your employees trained in CPR. The training makes them more cautious about extreme injury incidences. With CPR training, workers can mitigate risks and prevent further accidents.

  • CPR Training Skills Are Applicable Anywhere

With this training, an employee is not only confined to delivering first aid at the workplace alone. These skills are applicable in all places. Therefore it is necessary to have your employees trained through corporate discounts for certifying employee groups as it’s much more affordable. Also, Public health safety will significantly improve when most people are trained to deal with emergency health cases.

  • Shortens The Patient’s Recovery Time

If, for instance, a cardiac arrest happens and a person stops breathing, many tissues start dying since organs need to be supplied with oxygen-enriched blood every four minutes to survive. CPR training equips you with valuable knowledge to provide the patient with oxygen before it’s too late; This prevents further damage to the tissues, and even when the patient is hospitalized, it takes him less time to recover.

  • Workers Feel Valued and Are More Motivated To Work

Employees feel that the company appreciates their contribution and is more concerned about their safety. They have a stake in the company and are more excited to give their best to improve the performance of the company. A company where employees feel they have a stake is more prosperous than those that don’t value their workers. 


CPR training is vital to employees as it equips them with lifesaving skills, minimizes workplace accidents, and shortens the patient’s recovery time. Training your employees in dealing with emergencies makes them feel valued and motivated to work. CPR skills can be applied anywhere, thereby boosting overall public health safety.

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