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5 Security Issues To Watch For in Software Development

Software development is a complex, fast-paced, and ever-growing industry with plenty of opportunities for everyone. With such rapid transformations involved with software development, there are also a lot of security issues that can arise from time to time.

Policy ambiguity

Policy ambiguity refers to the lack of clarity and consistency in how organizations handle their software information. In several cases, this issue arises because of miscommunication among the employees. 

Your team may also not clearly understand what to do in particular software development situations. SUSE helps you focus less on complex software data to create a secure atmosphere for your business.

Inactively maintained software systems

Outdated software systems remain vulnerable to security risks since their development and implementation are based on obsolete technologies. 

In this case, it becomes challenging for the software developer to create a secure system since most of the available methods and technologies support only old platforms with fewer capabilities.

Solutions include implementing the latest security standards into software systems and using modern programming languages and backend development skills designed for software web application protection.

Weakness in application firewall strategy

Vulnerabilities are the most common security issue related to software development. Several vulnerabilities can compromise an application, such as denial of service attacks or buffer overflows. 

Such weaknesses usually occur when a developer fails to handle code correctly and issues a request for more information than is necessary.

Software developers should perform tasks that are not too complicated to handle. Developers must assess potential risks their code might trigger instead of only thinking about their feature implementation.

Poorly stored passwords

This problem generally occurs when software developers use poorly encrypted database systems. In case of a cyberattack, such systems that store sensitive information online will most likely lead to database breaches where data is stolen and leaked onto the web.

Every software developer must have a solid understanding of how to protect their software data and ensure that anyone trying to hack into their databases can’t steal the data. Biometrics, encryption, and two-factor authentication help store passwords better and improve your cloud security.

Software developers should ensure that their applications can encrypt all sensitive information when sending it over the internet to prevent any possible unauthorized access from third parties.

Bad coding practices

Poor coding practices mean that software developers fail to follow best practices and other methods to improve the software’s performance. The issue mainly arises when developers do not follow standards and generally accepted programming practices. 

Bad coding practices lead to security issues such as server crashes, low performance, memory leaks, and more. They can also lead to bugs that need frequent bug fixes by the software development team.

Most of these issues develop from inadequate testing during the development process. Developers should ensure that they conduct in-depth testing as much as possible so they do not miss any potential vulnerabilities in their code.

Before you go

Security is a significant issue in software development. Following these principles helps you identify potential problems when developing software. 

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