Social Media Marketing Challenges in 2023 (+ Recommended Tools for Content Creation)

Let’s face it, social media is a powerful platform, whether for entertainment, communication, new information, or for buying something. You can find almost everything on social media. As for marketing in social media, statistics tell us that more than 70% of marketing in social media have proven that their efforts to market via social media have positively affected their business.

Almost all businesses (small or big) online are shifting gears into making digital marketing a  core thrust to promote their products and add to the possible conversions. 

What drives these marketing campaigns? Content. You need to have solid content to pique your audience’s interest. It doesn’t have to be something flashy. It just needs to deliver the message. Content is king, whether it’s a dynamic image, a short video clip, or a poster that stands out. 

Social Media Marketing Challenges in 2022 

Of course, on the flip side, just like the traditional way of Social Media Marketing, marketing your business online has challenges. As we have learned to adjust during the pandemic, more people have turned to buying and purchasing things they need and want online. 

The demand to access products online has significantly increased. With this growing demand, competition has risen, and business owners and digital marketers alike understand the need to level up their marketing game. As a business owner, you need to know that standing out is one of the means to survive in this dog-eat-dog digital world.

On a rundown, another challenge aside from the tough competition is creating content. We’re not talking about just any content. You need content that is engaging and relatable. Not only should it be substantial, but it also needs to be something that can build curiosity and is relevant to human needs. 

Another challenge in digital marketing is determining and measuring your return on investment (ROI). With this, you need to consider genuinely building your brand, refining your marketing goals, monitoring your analytics, and many more. You must always be in the know as to where your brand is and if you are actually making progress. Your ROI in numbers and in actual gains will determine if you have impacted your financials and if your product is seeing some recognition, gaining followers, and increasing sales.

Social Media Marketing Challenges

Another digital marketing challenge is how to increase your following. Yes, it is a problem if people don’t follow your page or have no following or views online. That’s why it boils down to determining your target audience first. With data analytics, you can improve your strategies to generate more leads. Paid ads are a great way to increase the possibility of lead generation. Don’t overdo it, though, and make sure you still keep things natural, spontaneous, and casual. Refrain from doing the “in-your-face” kind of marketing that some brands do. 

Aside from all these,  you need to strategize where your brand fits best or gains more engagement in a social channel. As you know, there are tons of platforms, and you need to determine which one can benefit your product and your business as a whole.

But truly, what gets you going in the game is what people see in your posts and if it’s something they want to click, read, share or react to. To improve the way you create content, we have curated the most recommended tools to create better content.  

1. DrawKit

Create Content

Putting up photos of your products or dynamic posters about your brand online always needs a superb fix-up. DrawKit can be your go-to tool to create those amazing visuals. It has a library of categorized vector illustrations that you can choose from. There are free ones and those that you need to invest in, depending on the images you need. The same goes for icons—you have loads of icon packs that you can browse through and choose from.

Draw Kit also has a 3D builder feature, and it has broken ground when we talk about dynamic and vibrant projects. Explore this tool and be amazed by what you can do with it! 

2. Pixelixe 


As their tagline says, “Graphic Design Creation Made Simple,” Pixelixe simplified how you can do graphics, and it continues to deliver that seamlessly. You can simply generate the visuals you need for your project with a few clicks. It also has options to create your designs based on which platform you want to post them. 

If it’s for Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, you can simply tailor-fit it as you want. Banner generation is also Pixelixe’s specialty. Whether for your email, your Pinterest channel, or your Etsy shop, you can create and generate a banner that will surely grab the audience’s attention.

Some notable features it carries are its graphic design tool, adding logo, text, caption and quotes to photos and images, photo effects, resizing, blurring images and many more. Head over to Pixelixe and realize how graphic designing can be made easy. 

3. Removal.ai 


Background removal is a must for some projects you need to do on your social media pages. You cannot really get away from possible negative comments if your visuals are not too seamless, and there will always be ” experts ” who tend to criticize content.

For most product postings, you need to deliver an image with clean background or a color scheme that would still make your product stand out. Removal.ai has an excellent background removal tool that you can use for free! With Removal.ai, you can have a transparent background and convert your visuals into beautiful presentations, catalogs, or even banners. 

Removal.ai also has a photo editor tool that you can efficiently utilize and is a considerable addition to their AI technology. 

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4. Icons8 Mega Creator 

Icons8 Mega Creator 

If your social media posts and marketing campaigns run primarily on illustrations and graphics, you must have an armory of tools that you can turn to so you can spice things up digitally. Icons8 Mega Creator is one of those tools that can help you.

Icons8 is notably accessible for free, and you can efficiently utilize its icons, design tools, illustrations, photos, and music. They also have a photo generator where you can generate faces with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a face generator wherein you can simply have AI-generated faces and facial features in actual time. 

With all these design assets they offer, you have a better chance of gaining better traction for your content and more options to improve your social media postings. 

5.Text Blaze 

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Not everyone has the luxury of time to type posts or create lengthy and alluring captions for every single social media post that you put out there. Every savvy digital marketer would know that in these times, you not only need to work harder, you also need to work smarter. 

Using tools that can boost your efficiency is always the way to go. This is where Text Blaze comes in very handy. According to Text Blaze’s data, at least an average of 28 hours are saved per month for those constantly using the tool. Those are precious hours you can’t get back and that you have saved. 

So how does Text Blaze make things easier? You can easily save a portion or snippet of text into Text Blaze as a template, and you can provide a shortcut for it. Then, you can type in the shortcut you have provided, and the snippet text will just show up wherever you are typing in the browser. It works on LinkedIn (shout out to all the corporate people!), Gmail, Google docs and other platforms that this deems useful. 

It also has templates, and different formulas to ensure integration is easy with other sites. You can also share your snippets with your team as it has a collaborative feature where you can make Text Blaze as a database for your messages, customer response templates, and the like.  

6. DesignStripe 


With this tool, you can now say that you don’t have to be a professional graphic artist to create exceptional outputs. Design Stripe boasts a digital platform to make beautiful illustrations even if you do not have design skills.

Design Stripe has a library of modern illustrations, vector scene details, and icon variations. It even has a color palette generator which you can explore if you’re figuring out an excellent branding theme for your brand. You can start for free and have unlimited access to their freestyle, full scene customization of JPGs and PNGs downloads. But if you want to explore more and have access to more features, you can invest 20$ a month. Check out Design Stripe for your design needs.

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7. AI Writer 

AI Writer 

Working smarter is a better pathway to increase your efficiency level. If you are a content writer, blogger, or digital marketer, AI Writer is a great tool to help you generate content accurately using Artificial Intelligence (AI) writing models. 

Creating raw content takes time, but you can always speed things up and deliver quality output. AI Writer’s text generator can provide you with article drafts that can be your base for writing. It can help generate a list of citations for your references, so that information verification is less tedious. On top of all these, AI Writer is a tool that considers SEO performance as vital, so it is engineered to meet the SEO standard.

8 . Erase.bg 


Yes, background removal is necessary. For marketing products and brands online, you can only make sure that you deliver clean images and visuals while standing out and continue getting the attention it aims to garner. Erase.bg is one of those tools that can help you with background removal for your images. It can assist you in removing backgrounds with precision as it utilizes artificial intelligence to deliver a more seamless process. 

With Erase.bg, you can also have your logos, presentations, and even e-signatures looking clean using their smart editing and exporting tools. 

Erase.bg boasts itself as a tool built for everyone and can help you save time.

9. Pixelied 


If you are looking for a tool that can provide you with standalone design solutions, Pixelied is the one for you. It offers a suite of image editing tools that you can access for free. 

So what are the things you can create with Pixelied? It can be Youtube thumbnails, Etsy banners, Kindle covers, Instagram ads, Podcast covers and many more.

If creating such projects can take time, with Pixelied you can simply do this with a few clicks. It offers tons of templates depending on what you need as an output. It also has a library of stock photos and icons that you can choose from.

Explore Pixelied and you’ll realize how easy it is to utilize this tool for your upcoming online marketing projects.

Fotor: One-Stop Photo Editing Solution

Fotor is a powerful AI photo editing software that has taken the industry by storm. With a user-friendly interface and a wide range of editing tools, Fotor has become the go-to photo editing software for both professionals and amateurs alike. In this article, we will explore some of Fotor’s most popular features, including the background remover and one-tap enhance.

Remove background

background remover

The background remover is a feature that allows users to remove the background from their images with ease. This feature is particularly useful for those who need to isolate the subject of their images and remove any distractions in the background. Whether you are a photographer looking to remove the background of a portrait or a graphic designer looking to create a transparent background for your design, the background remover is an essential tool in your arsenal.
Using the background remover in Fotor is incredibly simple. Just upload your image, select the background remover tool, and highlight the areas you want to remove. Fotor’s algorithm will then do the rest, removing the background while preserving the subject. You can also fine-tune the results using the eraser and brush tools, giving you complete control over the final product.

One-Tap Enhance
Fotor’s one-tap enhance feature is perfect for those who want to quickly and easily improve the quality of their photos without spending hours editing them. This feature uses Fotor’s advanced algorithms to automatically adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and other parameters of your photo, resulting in a more vibrant and balanced image.
To use the one-tap enhance feature, simply upload your photo, select the one-tap enhance tool, and watch as Fotor does its magic. You can also adjust the level of enhancement using the slider, giving you even more control over the final product. With one-tap enhance, you can transform your ordinary photos into stunning works of art in seconds.

Other Features

  • In addition to the background remover and one-tap enhance, Fotor offers a wide range of other features to help you take your photos to the next level. These include:
  • Basic editing tools such as crop, resize, and rotate
  • Advanced editing tools such as curves, levels, and selective color
  • A wide range of filters and effects to give your photos a unique look
  • A collage maker to help you create stunning photo collages
  • A design tool to help you create graphics, posters, and social media posts
  • With its extensive range of features and user-friendly interface, Fotor is the perfect photo editing software for anyone looking to take their photography to the next level.
  • Fotor has 300+ editing features and is used as a photo editing tool by 380 million people in 230 countries.


Social media is not going away anytime soon. It continues to evolve, transform, and improve its utility (think about the coming of the Metaverse). And so, talking about utility and how it has significantly boosted the marketing of brands and products in a revolutionary way, social media will always be critical if you want recognition, brand affinity, and an increase in sales.

As trends come and go, social media will continue to be that wave that big or small businesses will continue to ride on. You may use different strategies to keep adjusting to the ever-evolving demands, but one thing’s for sure, you need to keep delivering content that can drive your goals further. It’s what people see. It’s what people read. It’s either they like it, or they don’t. Believe in what you sell, and believe you can make it in the digital arena. Create content that informs and is substantial enough to hit the mark and reach audiences in a relatable and engaging way.

The tools are within your reach to help you deliver quality and dynamic content, and you can simply access design elements to spice up your marketing campaigns for free. The internet and its utility are something we can be grateful for. Learn how to leverage that, and provide constant solutions for the challenges you face in marketing your brand online.

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