In love, is it necessary to match the kundali for marriage?

Since you are in a relationship and are determined to marry the person of your choice, your initial thought may be: why should we match horoscopes since we know so much about each other? Is astrological compatibility significant in love marriages? These questions may pique your interest or be compulsions from family members, but the goal is the same: Is kundli matching required in a relationship?

With the shifting dynamics of current times, where girls and boys find their own mates. The educated see kundli matching for marriage as pseudoscience, despite the fact that the right name is an old science. When it comes to marriage, it is commonly considered that girls and guys know what they want best. The high success rate of love marriages demonstrates the validity of the concept. Also, all horoscopes can match and every one can marry the person of their choice if there is no life threat to each other’s lives. 

What is Kundali Matching?

Kundali Matching matches the Kundlis of the groom and bride for a prosperous and happy marriage. Both Gunas are intermingled in 36 Gunas. At least 18 traits are required for a good and successful existence. If less than 18 weapons are discovered, astrology predicts troubles in such people’s marriages.

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Is it Necessary?

It is vital to match the Kundlis of people who do not know each other before marriage, according to love marriage astrology. The temperament, attitude, and habits of the boy and girl are matched in Kundli matching. Which demonstrates whether or not they are compatible.

When two individuals are in love, though, understanding becomes automatic. When the two have a solid understanding, there is no other reason to match the Kundli. Yes, even after this, the Kundli is added so that it may be stated that after marriage, anything concerning divorce, infidelity, or children can be revealed.

Understanding mutual trust and love is the foundation of a healthy and meaningful relationship. A marriage arranged under pressure can never make a person happy. If there is a danger of divorce in the Kundli, no amount of effort can convince you that your Kundli is the perfect match. Many individuals also believe less in Kundli and more in God and their karma. For which they have faith in both worship and wealth.

When two persons who wish to marry do not know each other, the Ashta-Koot matching must be checked. Their nature compatibility, sexual talents, attitudes, and preferences are matched as part of Kundali matching to determine if they are the ideal partner or not. Two individuals in love spend a long time understanding one other. Once mutual understanding is achieved, there is less purpose for Kundli matching for the reasons stated above.

In kundali matching, the astrologer evaluates the potential bride’s star charts, while the groom analyses specific components and combines them to evaluate their collective influence. Marriage kundli matching normally matches eight categories. They are: 

  • Gana Koota (character matching)
  • Vashya Koota (control, amenability)
  • Varna Koota (social matching)
  • Graha Maitram (mental affection)
  • Yoni Koota (sexual attraction)
  • Dina Koota (family happiness, health)
  • Nadi Kooa (offspring, physiological matching)
  • Rasi Koota (several general indications).

The Ashta Koota match point is determined out of 36 and is regarded as a good match if the Kundli match can score 18 points or higher.

The conventional free kundali matching technique, on the other hand, cannot ensure a long, happy, and prosperous marriage free of commitment troubles and infidelity. Love marriages do not ensure this either. When it comes to friendships and interactions outside of marriage, love marriages are often more accepting. Even if the marriage does not work out, the person may survive and even prosper. The pair are united in the brain and heart in marriages made by kundli milan, and they are to thrive as a unit.

How to overcome the negative effects of a bad Kundali match in a love marriage?

To avoid the effects of a bad Kundali match in a love marriage, remedies, and spiritual sadhana are performed on a regular basis, based on your own anushtana bala (meritorious actions). Allow yourself to be free and trust in the power of fate. Long-term efforts to understand your partner and go the additional mile to satisfy the requirements of the other partner will aid in the achievement of a happy marriage. 

So, you should definitely consult an astrologer for kundali matching for marriage. To learn all of the intricacies between you and your spouse before marriage, rather than rushing to seek solutions to bridge this compatibility gap.

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