6 Common Misconceptions About Drug and Alcohol Recovery

If you’re struggling to stop using drugs or alcohol, and you’ve tried many times to quit with no success, a drug or alcohol treatment program could help you to get sober. There are many misconceptions that people hold about addictions and treatment programs, and even well-meaning friends might prevent you from understanding your addiction and options for recovery.

If you’d like to learn more about treatment programs and how they can help you, just research drug treatment centers near me to find programs in your local area.

Here are six of the most common misconceptions about drug and alcohol recovery:

  1. Drug addiction is a decision, and you should just be able to stop.

Drugs and alcohol alter your brain chemistry to signal to your body that you need the substance to live, just like food or water. Addiction is a chronic disease that needs treatment, and there are many proven therapies available to help you recover.

  1. The people in recovery programs have hit rock bottom and lost their jobs or relationships.

When you research “drug treatment centers near me,” you’ll find these centers serve a lot of patients that are high-functioning alcoholics or drug users. You don’t have to hit rock bottom before you decide to get help.

  1. You should feel shame and hide your addiction.

You might cover up your addiction from family members, friends, and co-workers and worry that rehab will make people aware of your problem. Keeping your addiction secret can be a huge psychological burden. A drug treatment center will teach you how to frame your addiction and build up a support network.

  1. Successful treatment means you’ve broken free from addiction and will never have to revisit your recovery.
Drug and Alcohol Recovery
Recovery Ahead Sign

Recovery is a lifelong battle to stay sober and after you leave a drug treatment center, you’ll need to continue to follow up with your therapist and others. If you relapse, that doesn’t mean failure. Your treatment center will help you get back on track and change your habits.

  1. Alcohol addiction isn’t that bad, and it’s all part of the fun.

Alcohol is easily available and socially accepted, making it easier to get addicted and harder to decide when your alcohol habits have become dangerous. According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 140,000 people die of excess alcohol use each year, more than twice the number that die from opioid overdose.

  1. Programs like 12 Step work for almost everybody, and if they didn’t work for you there’s not much left.

Drug and alcohol addiction requires a tailored approach, and the best drug treatment centers will tailor your treatment to your needs. Search for “drug treatment centers near me” and read about their programs carefully to see if their approach is right for you.

Search “Drug Treatment Centers Near Me” and Start the Process of Getting Help

After you’ve researched “drug treatment centers near me” and chosen a center, the next step is to contact the center and tour the facility if you’re considering inpatient treatment. Now that you know you’re not alone in how you experience addiction, you can imagine the support you’ll find at a treatment center.

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