December Global Holidays List 2021

December is undoubtedly the maximum festive month of the year. The month is marked via way of means of all styles of occasions and gala’s across the world, such as religious, cultural or even company occasions. This article explores the maximum iconic worldwide December vacations and their symbolism.

December Global Holidays and Celebrations

1st week December Global Holidays

01 WED

  1. World AIDS Day
  2. National Christmas Lights Day
02 THU
  1. International Day for the Abolition of Slavery
  2. National Mutt Day
03 FRI
  1. National Bartender Day
  2. International Day of Persons with Disabilities
04 SAT
  1. Candle Day
  2. Wildlife Conservation Day
  3. International Day of Banks
  4. World Pear Day
  5. National Cookie Day
05 SUN
  1. Day of the Ninja
  2. International Volunteer Day
  3. National Repeal Day
  4. World Soil Day
06 MON
  1. St. Nicholas Day
  2. Last Day of Hanukkah
  3. National Gazpacho Day
  4. National Miners Day
07 TUE
  1. Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
  2. World War II
  3. International Civil Aviation Day
  4. National Letter Writing Day

2nd week December Global Holidays

08 WED
  1. Feast of the Immaculate Conception
  2. National Brownie Day
09 THU
  1. National Llama Day
  2. International Anti-corruption Day
  3. International Day of Commemoration and Dignity of the Victims of the Crime of Genocide
  4. Christmas Card Day
10 FRI
  1. Human Rights Day
  2. Dewey Decimal System Day
  3. Nobel Prize Day
  4. International Animal Rights Day
  5. Jane Addams Day
11 SAT
  1. International Mountain Day
  2. UNICEF Birthday
12 SUN
  1. Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
  2. Gingerbread House Day
  3. National Poinsettia Day
  4. International Day of Neutrality
  5. International Universal Health Coverage Day
13 MON
  1. National Day of the Horse
  2. Green Monday
  3. National Guard Birthday
  4. National Salesperson Day
  5. National Violin Day
  6. National Cocoa Day
14 TUE
  1. Monkey Day
  2. National Free Shipping Day
  3. Asarah B’Tevet (Tenth of Tevet)
15 WED
  1. National Cupcake Day
  2. Bill of Rights Day
  3. National Wear Your Pearls Day

3rd week December Global Holidays

16 THU
  1. National Chocolate Covered Anything Day
17 FRI
  1. Wright Brothers Day
  2. Pan American Aviation Day
  3. National Ugly Sweater Day
  4. National Maple Syrup Day
  5. National Underdog Day
18 SAT
  1. Arabic Language Day
  2. National Wreaths Across America Day
  3. Answer The Telephone Like Buddy The Elf Day
  4. National Twin Day
  5. International Migrants Day
19 SUN
  1. National Emo Day
20 MON
  1. International Human Solidarity Day
21 TUE
  1. Winter Solstice
  2. National Short Girl Appreciation Day
  3. National Homeless Persons’ Remembrance Day
  4. Look On The Bright Side Day
22 WED
  1. National Short Person Day
  2. National Cookie Exchange Day
23 THU
  1. Festivus
  2. National Roots Day
24 FRI
  1. Christmas Eve
  2. The Feast of the Seven Fishes

4th week December Global Holidays

25 SAT
  1. Christmas Day
26 SUN
  1. Kwanzaa
  2. Boxing Day
27 MON
  1. International Day of Epidemic Preparedness
28 TUE
  1. National Card Playing Day
  2. National Short Film Day
  3. Pledge of Allegiance Day
  4. National Call a Friend Day
  5. National Download Day
29 WED
  1. Wounded Knee
  2. Still Need To Do Day
30 THU
  1. National Bacon Day
31 FRI
  1. New Year’s Eve
  2. No Interruptions Day

December Global country Holidays List

December 1st – United Arab Emirates (National Day)

December 4th – Ghana (Farmer’s Day)

December 6th – Finland (Independence Day), Spain (Constitution Day)

December 7th – Thailand (King Bhumibol’s Birthday)

December 10th – Thailand (Constitution Day)

December 12th – Mexico (The Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe)

December 13th – Malta (Republic day)

December 16th – Bangladesh (Victory Day), South Africa (Day of Reconciliation)

December 18th – Qatar (National Day)

December 24th – Christmas Eve, Libya (Independence Day)

December 25th – Christmas Day, Pakistan (Birthday of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah)

December 26th – Various Countries (Boxing Day), Slovenia (Independence and Unity Day)

December 29th – Sri Lanka (Unduvap Full Moon Poya)

30th – Philippines (Rizal Day)

31st – Various Countries (New Year’s Eve)


Date of Celebration: November 28 – December 6

Why It’s Celebrated: Celebrating the re-devotion of the Second Temple in Jerusalem.

Where It’s Celebrated: Israel and top notch Jewish people groups all at a few degree withinside the planet.

Also called Chanukah or the Festival of Lights, Hannukah is an eight-day Jewish festival that traditionally begins offevolved offevolved on the 25th day of the month of Kislev on the Hebrew calendar. There are commonly variations on the ideal day that Hannukah begins offevolved offevolved each three hundred and sixty five days regular with the Gregorian calendar. This three hundred and sixty five days, the festival falls amongst November 28 and December 6.

Hannukah is a period to have a great time the re-strength of will of the Second Temple of Jerusalem after the Maccabean Revolt. The celebrations embody lighting of candles every night time time at a few degree withinside the eight days. Hannukah is also marked via the creating a music of precise songs, along with Ma’oz. Tzur, further to reciting of the Hallel prayer. Other well-known Hannukah customs embody eating oil-dried elements along with potato pancakes (moreover called latkes) and jam-filled donuts (moreover called sufganiyot). Celebrants moreover play with dreidels and alternate gifts.

Celebration of World AIDS Day

Date Marked: December 1

Category: Health

Why It’s Marked: To enhance consciousness at the scourge of HIV/AIDS

Where It’s Marked: Worldwide

The idea for World AIDS Day was first conceived by James W. Bunn and Thomas Netter in August 1987

At the time, Bunn and Netter were working as public information officers for the World Health Organization’s Global AIDS Program. The following year, the first World AIDS Day was celebrated on December 1,  the  official date of the holiday. World AIDS Day is dedicated to raising awareness of the spread of HIV / AIDS and to commemorating those who are infected or affected by the disease. There are many ways to commemorate this day, including visiting poor children orphaned by  disease, sponsoring safe sex campaigns and lobbying governments to step up efforts to curb the

Saint Lucia

Global December Holidays Saint Lucia is celebrated on December 13 to pay homage to Lucia of Syracuse. Saint Lucia was a martyred Italian saint. In the darkest part of the year, she is considered the image of light. celebrated every December 13 in Sweden as a symbol of light and hope. This historic day is marked by concerts and atmospheric processions, with singers wearing white dresses and headdresses with real sparkling candles.

Yule 2021

December 21 is celebrated during global public holidays. From December to January 1. Yule, also called Yuletide, is a holiday celebrated by Germans all over the world. The festival has pagan roots and dates back to the Norse god Odin and the Anglo-Saxon festival of Mōdraniht.Yuletide technically falls on the winter solstice, making it one of the oldest and most popular winter celebrations in the world. See Also Google’s AI duplex reservation service is now available in 49 states. The ancients identified Yule by lighting a huge log in the fire and spending a lot of evenings. Although the practice of burning logs is still prevalent today, most people celebrate the occasion by building a Christmas altar, making an evergreen Christmas wreath, or bringing it back to Mother Nature. Candlelight dinners and Christmas tree decorations are also common, as they are the exchange of nature-based gifts.

Festivus 2021

December’s Festivus Global Holidays is celebrated on December 23. Seinfeld Show The purpose of this parody celebration is to denounce Christmas consumerism. Unlike buying an expensive Christmas tree, Festivus is characterized by the fact that it revolves around a simple aluminum pole.Other popular holiday rituals include “reaching for power” and “revealing”. Some scholars have referred to Festivus enthusiasts as mainstream dissidents with an irrational view of Christmas and its true meaning. However, the popularity of the holiday continues to grow, especially among budget-conscious and minimalism proponents.

Christmas Day 2021

December Christmas Day is celebrated on December 25. In Christianity, Christmas is a historic celebration of Jesus. -Christ. or for a purely cultural reason, the Christmas tradition varies across the world. As Americans celebrate the Christmas tree, meet Santa Claus, and dream of snowy landscapes, Christmas falls in the summer in Australia, where camping or going to the beach for the holidays is popular. Some Australians decorate a “Christmas basket”, a native Australian tree whose small green leaves and flowers turn red in summer. December World Holidays 2021 Christmas day it was the day when servants were traditionally allowed to celebrate Christmas with their families. Boxing Day has now become a public holiday in other countries including the US,UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In England, football matches and competitions often take place on Boxing Day. The Irish celebrate Boxing Day and have their own tradition called Hunt of the Hunt, where children parade through town tying fake rain to a pole. The Bahamas celebrate Boxing Day through a street parade and a festival called Junkanu. Boxing.

Kwanzaa 2021

December. Global Kwanzaa Holidays are celebrated from December 26th to January 1st. Kwanzaa was created by Dr.Maulana Karenga in 1966 after the Watts riots in Los Angeles. He founded a cultural organization in America and began researching the African “first fruits” (harvest) program. From there, they laid the foundation for Kwanzaa by combining aspects of different harvest ceremonies. The name Kwanzaa comes from the expression “matunda ya kwanza” which in Swahili means “first
fruit”. Every family



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