Which seats are the finest on a BA Boeing 787-9?

Which BA Boeing 787-9 seats are best?

British Airways allows seat selection while booking on Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner seat map and others. Silver or Gold Executive Club members enjoy free seat selection. Everyone else must pay a charge. This covers people traveling in Club World or Club Suite business class. Unlike most flights, British Airways charges for seat selection in all classes. Only First Class offers free seat selection.

Which BA 787-9 First Class seats are the best?

The 787-8 fleet was ordered without First Class, thus adding it to the 787-9 and 787-10 orders was welcome.

On these planes, BA employs their 2015-launched First seat generation. First-class on BA 787-9s has 8 seats in a 1-2-1 arrangement over two rows. An intimate and secluded cabin.

Unlike BA’s new business class Club Suite seats, the First chairs do not close. They have a shell that keeps them private. The outer seats face the window, while the aisle seats face each other.

Let’s face it, there are no terrible seats in first class, since they are all basically similar. Alternatively, you may like to choose one of the options below.

Seat 2K is ideal for solo travelers since it is on the quieter side of the plane. You give up the ‘privilege’ of sitting in the first row to be closer to the galley, where the cabin workers make meals. If not, any of the window seats will earn you a window and a solitary seat.

The center seats are the obvious option for couples. These feature a retractable partition that you may drop for a talk or raise for a fight! 1E and 1F work well here. For couples who can tolerate sitting a few feet apart for a few hours, two window seats, one behind the other, may be preferred. Rob claims he and his wife did this before kids!

Best BA 787-9 Club World / Club Suite seats

British Airways introduced the Club Suite seat in 2019. However, BA’s 787-9 fleet won’t be refurbished until 2021.

So, for now, BA only runs its yin and yang offering on Boeing 787-9s. The 787-9s have 42 business class seats in a 2-3-2 layout. 14 in a smaller front cabin, 28 in a bigger cabin divided by a galley.

Which BA Boeing 787-9 seats are best

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Notably, half of the chairs face backwards. While this may seem unusual, it is only perceptible during take-off and landing. Rear-facing rows A-E-K are on a 787-9 whereas B-D-F-J are forward-facing. Remember that all aisle seats face front.

Not every seat has aisle access. While newer business class seats like the Club Suite have all-aisle access, travelers in rows A, E, and K must walk over another passenger’s legs to escape.

The center seat…..

While most lone travelers choose a window seat, others prefer the solitary middle seat in row E because the dividers can be lifted for more privacy. With two exits, you have double the possibility of finding an empty seat on one side, allowing you to enter and exit without climbing over anybody.

The greatest seats for solitude and quiet are in the smaller front cabin, rows 6 and 7. Row 6 is excellent since it is away from the galley and so quieter. You may potentially be the first to eat.


Your ideal seat will depend on whether you want a window or direct aisle access. 6A and 6K have windows, whereas 6B, 6D, 6F and 6J have windows and aisle access.


7A and 7K are by far the finest seats in this cabin. The final row has a window AND direct aisle access. The only disadvantage is that they are closer to the galley and toilet.


Row 13 is the best choice for the bigger Club World cabin (rows 10 to 13). Window and direct aisle access for passengers in 13A and 13K. This row is the last to be served, so you may not receive your first choice of dish.

You can stay up to date with all the updates, as well as study airline seat maps, on the company’s website

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