Which is the best city, Montréal or Toronto?

Montréal versus Toronto: which is the superior metropolis?

They are both excellent places, however, they are extremely different from one another, so it really depends on what you’re looking for in a city when deciding between them.

We were attempting to explain the distinctions between the two cities to someone else when this happened. I was failing miserably in my attempt to explain how Montréal is more art and fashion-focused, while Toronto is more business and finance orientated. In a manner that only someone of French descent could explain it, my Montréal acquaintance put it perfectly: “Toronto is a guy, while Montréal is a woman,” she added.


  • The cost of living in Montreal. Although Toronto is quite pricey, there is plenty of reasonably priced housing available in Montreal. Students and working people will benefit much from this.
  • Montreal’s compactness is a plus. Despite the fact that both cities are plagued by sprawl, Montreal has made more efforts to concentrate its people near services, while Toronto has continued to develop at an uncontrollable pace.
  • Transportation: – Toss-up. Although Montreal’s Metro is superior and its prices are much less expensive, Toronto’s bus service is more frequent, its commuter trains operate on weekends, and its services are more integrated with those in neighboring areas.
  • Traffic: – It’s a toss-up. Toronto and Montreal both have awful traffic, but Montreal’s seems to have steadied, whilst Toronto’s is becoming steadily worse.
  • Toronto is known for its food. Montreal used to be the place to go, but Toronto now offers more choices and a better reputation. Toronto’s ethnic cuisine is often compared favorably to that of New York City.
  • Shopping: – Toronto is a great place to go. Despite the fact that both cities have good businesses, Toronto offers superior budget shopping areas as well as more high-end retailers these days.
  • Toronto’s business district. There is more and better employment available in this area. All of the major financial institutions, including the Bank of Montreal, have established headquarters in this city.
  • People: – It’s a toss-up. Both cities have become quite multicultural in recent years, with Toronto having a minor advantage. When it comes to foreign language use, Toronto is less accepting of it, but in Montreal, “code flipping” between English and French is frequent, and you may hear people speaking various languages in public places. Montrealers are a touch too familiar for most people’s tastes, whereas Torontonians are a little too formal for most people’s tastes.
  • The future is a coin toss. Montreal, which is located at the highest navigable point on the Atlantic Ocean in Canada, has a promising future as a commercial port. While Toronto is a promising financial center, Montreal also has a promising future as a commercial port. As a result, the money will pass via Toronto, while the goods will be handled by Montreal.
  • Montreal culture, but only by a small margin. Toronto is still a young city, and many of its historic structures, such as City Hall, which was built in the 1960s, are no longer functional (too small now). Make a comparison and contrast with Montreal’s Hotel de Ville, which was built in the nineteenth century.
  • Entertainment – Toronto for English-language entertainment, Montreal for French-language entertainment (and for Canadian purposes, French-language entertainment is a larger market than English-language entertainment because Quebecers aren’t as enthralled with American culture as the rest of the country).

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 Montreal is the best because it is much more beautiful, diverse, affordable, multicultural, vibrant, modern, and enjoyable to live in, and it has the second-highest number of restaurants in all of North America, behind New York City, and it has the second-highest number of restaurants in the world. According to the International Student Survey, Montreal is one of the finest student cities in the world.

  • Behind New York City, Montreal has the second-highest concentration of universities and colleges on the whole continent of North America, after the city of Toronto.
  • To be completely honest and forthright, if you desire a high quality of life, employment that is full of pleasure and excitement, as well as vibrant nightlife, Montreal is the best place to call home.
  • Despite being a large Canadian city, Montreal boasts cheaper rents and a lower cost of living than the rest of the country (accommodation). When comparing Montreal to Toronto, you may save a significant amount of money. Everything in Montreal is inexpensive and of higher quality, including public transportation, auto insurance, gasoline and gas bills, groceries, and rentals, among other things (Montreal).
  • If we were to ask a Canadian city where he or she would want to live or settle if he or she earned roughly 50,000 CAD$, the answer would be: everywhere in the world. Then, without a doubt, the vote will go to Montreal. [Because they may enjoy themselves, work, and pursue their ambitions while saving a significant amount of $$ dollars(money)]
  • Toronto has a mood that is somewhat comparable to New York City, whereas Montreal has a combination of both New York City and Paris in its atmosphere. •
  • If New York is the largest, most contemporary, most crowded, and most advanced city in the world, Paris is the most beautiful, the city of lights and love, the most enjoyable, and the most magnificent. However, in all honesty, Montreal has both of these. You will be infatuated with Paris or France if you are standing in Downtown Montreal (Centre-Ville Montréal in French), and if you are standing in Old Montreal (Vieux-Montréal in French), you will sense a similar atmosphere to that of New York City.


  • Montreal is the second-largest city in the developed world after Paris, France.
  • Montreal is home to the world’s highest inclined tower/structure, which stands at a height of 450 metres.
  • The Montréal Tower is a landmark in the city.
  • According to all worldwide rankings, Montreal is one of the world’s most attractive and livable cities, as well as one of the greatest places to live.
  • In all major rankings, Montreal consistently placed ahead of Toronto and, in many cases, ahead of New York City.
  • HCCR Global Rankings just named Montreal as the world’s most distinctive city, which was announced in February of this year (2020).

These threads are fantastic since both cities are fantastic.

Montreal is a wonderful city to visit, with beautiful architecture, elegance, and a welcoming atmosphere. It’s fantastic to get together with friends and have a good time. Even though the locals are typically kind, you always get the impression that you are a visitor or tourist. I have traveled extensively around North America, and Montrealers are acutely aware that you are a visitor or tourist.

What I have an issue with, though, is when Montrealers regularly make fun of the city of Toronto. Listen, Montreal is a fantastic city, and so is Toronto, and the two cities are complementary in many respects. It’s true that Toronto lacks the feeling of self-identity and sense of style that Montreal has, but it’s important to remember that Toronto is a thriving city that serves as Canada’s sole genuine end-to-end international gateway.

What Toronto may lack in “style,” per, it more than makes up for in metropolitan vibrancy, opportunity, and tolerance, all of which are there in plenty. The city’s energy and forward-thinking character are both fascinating to see. Even while Montrealers may claim that Torontonians live in the suburbs, have large homes, and are only concerned with their jobs, this is just not true. The collaboration, contacts, and meaningful engagement that I have had in Toronto have been invaluable, and I meet new individuals on a daily basis.

The city of Montreal, as numerous commenters have noted, is far less accommodating to minorities than the city of Toronto. One could argue that Toronto’s multi-culturalism has resulted in a lack of self-identification, but I would choose the cultural and ethnic vibrancy of the city’s cultural quilt over the mild, unspoken xenophobia that exists in Montreal as people subconsciously protect the “identity” of the city any day.


Toronto is not monotonous, and Montreal is fantastic. Montreal is the city of the “here and now,” whereas Toronto is the city of the “here and now.” Choose whatever option you like based on what is most convenient for you. 

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