What is the Do a Barrel Roll trick? in detail

do a barrelroll

Do A Barrel Roll is a technique, or we can say that it is an exciting trick .when someone type on google i.e., “Do A Barrel Roll” then you will see that full screen spinning in 360 degrees. It looks very excellent. 

You can also try this trick with the very simple steps

Open google chrome

  1. Type ”Do A Barrel Roll” in the search bar
  2. Click enter, and then this website will appear elgoog.im
  3. Then click on website it looks like this


Here you will see many options you can perform by clicking on it just like

Do A Barrel Roll 20 times

Do A Barrel Roll 5-6 times

Do A Barrel Roll Twice

Do A Barrel Roll 10000 times

Do A Barrel Roll 5-6 times

do a barrel roll *10

do a barrel roll 20 times

do a barrel roll 10 times

do a barrel roll 100 times

do a barrel roll twice

do a barrel roll 1000 times

do a barrel roll 1 million times

do a barrel roll fast

do a barrel roll 5 times

Google do a barrel roll

Google do a barrel roll 10 times

Google do a barrel roll 100 times

do a barrel roll 2 times

When you click on the given option just like 20 time, then it rolls 20 times continuously

History of Do a Barrel Roll

Of course, this is just another in a history of Easter eggs offered to us by Google Chrome.This is the most recent in a long list of Google easter eggs. According to reports, the idea behind this comes taken from the Nintendo’s Star Fox, an animated video game, where a space-pilot rabbit named Peppy tells the Fox McCloud the character Fox McCloud to “do a barrel roll”.

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Do a Barrel Roll support browser.

Three browsers only support this trick.

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Firefox
  3. Safari


How does do a barrel roll work?

This is how to Follow this link: Google.com. In the search box, put in the words “do a barrel roll.” Enter and, in a single, you’ll feel your stomach turn. Your entire screen will flip upside down and then smoothly roll back into position.

Do a barrel roll Z or RR?

In the first Star Fox game), players had to press the R or L twice in order to perform the Barrel Roll. For Star Fox 64, the player has to press Z or R Z or R button two times to complete the Barrel Roll. Then, in Star Fox Adventures, the player has to press both buttons until it is clicked to initiate an actual Barrel Roll.

What is a barrel roll actually called?

The Aileron roll is an aerobatic move that allows an aircraft to make an entire 360degre rotation around the axis of its longitude. It is usually among the first tricks taught in the basic aerobatics classes.

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