What is Salasa

Salasa is a leader in e-commerce execution in the Middle East, striving to provide reliable, affordable and scalable processing for e-commerce businesses.

Reliable, affordable and scalable logistics and fulfillment solutions for e-commerce stores. We offer a cloud-based order management system OMS provides  the ability to manage orders, inventory, catalog, and deliver accurate reporting and analysis, so you can focus on growing your brand and keeping your customers happy.

Logistics startup Salasa bags $8.6 Mn from AlSulaiman Group

Salasa, based in Saudi Arabia, a cloud-based watchdog response for e-commerce companies, announced Monday that the startup, involving Saudi Capital Company (SVC), is selling a Series A spherical rectifier worth 8, Raised $ 5 million from the AlSulaiman Group. and five hundred emerging companies. Contemporary funds are used for growth in the alternative states of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states, partner networks and the recruitment of new talent.

Supported at the end of 2016 by industrial engineers Abdulmajeed Alyemni and Hasan Alhazmi, who have experience and a magazine in the field of the supply chain; inspired by a report printed by Bain and Company which stated that “MENA’s e-commerce market will reach $ 28.5 billion by 2022”. According to the founders, despite their high growth potential, several e-commerce companies struggled to scale and satisfy their customers simply because they lacked the know-how to control their warehouses.

Salasa provides solutions, tools and resources for new product development, entry into new markets and dynamic growth of consumer businesses, all of which reduce costs. E-commerce products in the Salasa warehouse. The company uses high-quality, industry-specific packaging, packaging and adhesive materials for storage.As a growth partner, Salasa offers its loyal customers correct and qualified order fulfillment as quickly as possible.

According to a file via way of means of iGate Research, Saudi Arabia e-trade marketplace is anticipated to attain almost US$ 24 Billion via way of means of 2026. The united states of america has skilled a constant shift from offline buying to on line buying withinside the current past. Being the biggest a few of the GCC nations, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a populace of over 34 Million this is exceptionally urbanized as over eighty four percentage of the united states of america is residing in urbanized areas, with super-rapid net connections. With such an prosperous populace, Saudi Arabia is poised as an appealing marketplace for e-trade – presenting massive capacity for enterprise players. Moreover, Saudi Arabia has an overwhelmingly younger and wealthy populace because the united states of america is ranked a few of the pinnacle 20 richest nations via way of means of spending energy, the high-spending energy of the united states of america’s residents is a using thing withinside the increase of e-trade. Realizing the capacity of the e-trade marketplace withinside the united states of america, the Saudi Government has taken some of steps to reinforce the marketplace. The Saudi Ministry of Commerce and Investment (“MOCI”) has brought a brand new Electronic Commerce Law (the “E-Commerce Law”), powerful as of ninth October 2019. E-trade is identified as one of the pillars of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 beneathneath the National Transformation Program and the authorities pursuits to growth the contribution of contemporary-day alternate and e-trade to eighty percentage withinside the retail zone via way of means of 2030. Also, the Saudi Arabian authorities is making plans an funding of over US$ one hundred billion withinside the improvement of logistics infrastructure to reinforce e-trade increase withinside the region.

Salasa Success Factors

As a data analytics driven logistics and technology company, every generated order  will be processed smoothly and professionally. Our goal is to make your business more profitable and prosperous by providing the best of logistics so that your customer is always satisfied.

  • Logistics
  • Technology
  • Analytics

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Salasa Services


When you partner with Salasa, we’ll prepare and ship all e-commerce orders straight from our fulfillment center, taking all the hassle out of your end and getting the job done for you. You shouldn’t be wasting your precious time in efforts other than helping you grow your business. We firmly believe that you should take your time to ensure that your business continues to thrive and expand globally.

Logistics Services 

Logistics Services is a navigation solution that helps grow e-commerce businesses like you. Connect your store and access multiple carriers at a flat rate with no coding or volume required!

Pick up and Drop off

Collection and delivery points are a new service that is easily accessible to our partners

Salasa is located in

Salasa is located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The head office is located in Qurtuba and the warehouse is located in As Sulay

Salasa working Time

6 days a week from Saturday to Thursday. (8am -5pm)

Salasa Executive Team

Abdulmajeed Alyemni Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Hasan Alhazmi Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
Osama AlRaee Co-Founder & Advisor

Salasa Investors

  • 500 Startups
  • Flow Progressive Logistics
  • Saudi Venture Capital Company

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