Tips to Prepare for AZ 204 Certification Exam

The Growing Services for Microsoft Azure or AZ-204 exam measures a candidate’s proficiency in creating solutions for Azure’s storage and computational resources, implementing Azure security, monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimising those solutions, as well as connecting to and using third-party services. To become a Microsoft Azure Certified Developer Associate, you should opt for the Microsoft AZ-204 exam. The AZ-204 is an associate-level exam with a medium level of difficulty in comparison to other Microsoft role-based exams.

This article offers the study guide for the AZ-204 Azure training if you want to boost your profession as an Azure programmer and take the exam.

AZ-204 Microsoft Exam: Why Should You Take It?

Businesses are becoming increasingly eager to move their operations to the cloud. Public cloud service companies continually enhance their solutions due to new technology developments. Consequently, there is a high demand for cloud computing certifications like AZ 204

Any IT professional wishing to further their IT field of expertise has a great opportunity to get Microsoft certified. With AZ-204 certification, you’ll learn more about Azure’s features and services and practical experience with various subjects. With the help of this exam, you can learn more about computing and become a useful team player at prominent companies. 

Additionally, this certification will enable you to stay ahead of the curve with Azure technological advancements and establish yourself as among the most in-demand subject matter experts.

AZ-204: Domains

Your skills are evaluated on the AZ-204 exam in five domains.

Develop Azure Compute solutions25 – 30%
Connect to and use Azure Services as well as services from third parties15 – 20%
Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimise Azure Solutions 15 – 20%
Develop for Azure Storage15 – 20%
Implement for Azure Security20 – 25%

AZ-204: Examination Information

Certification NameExam AZ-204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure
Examination FormatMultiple-Response and Multiple-Choice Questions
Total Questions40-60
Total Duration150 Minutes
Examination Fee$165
LanguageEnglish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified)
Passing Score70%
Retirement DateNone

Tips to Prepare for the AZ-204 Exam

You can pass any exam with the right planning and preparation. If you are looking for assistance regarding passing the Microsoft AZ-204 exam, you have come to the right spot. Use the tips provided below to get ready for the exam:

  1. Examine the Exam

Firstly, learn about the AZ-204 exam’s goals and skills being tested. Check out the official certification page for the most accurate exam information. On the official certification page, you may find all the information you require regarding the exam, including requirements, exam objectives, exam costs, and other pertinent information.

  1. Start One-by-One

If you are not clear about where or how to start your preparation for the AZ-204 certification exam, start by completing the principles of the AZ-900 exam. Doing this lets you learn how Microsoft examinations operate without going much deeper into the technical knowledge.

  1. Recognise the Exam Format

Another important tip while Azure training is to get familiar with the examination format before its final appearance. You can answer exam questions more quickly and score more points if you are aware of the questions that could be asked in the exam.

  1. Resources

Several self-study learning tools are available to assist you in getting ready for the Azure training and passing the exam fluently, including recorded videos, supplementary books, whitepapers, and more.

  1. Windows Learn

Microsoft provides an official learning path to help you prepare for and succeed on the Microsoft AZ-204 certification test and become a Certified Azure Developer Associate. 

  1. Training Under Instruction

You can get help with your preparation from several reliable instructor-led training groups. The classroom experience can be beneficial and effective with the right teacher. Receiving individualised help with various exam topics is a plus of instructor-led training.

  1. Attend Study Sessions

If you have several colleagues, classmates, or other people who are also studying for the AZ-204 exam, it can be helpful to start a study group. Study groups are beneficial in a variety of ways. They assist you in planning your education. Additionally, they help with perspective-shifting and reducing procrastination.

  1. Practical Experience

There is no better feeling than having your hands dirty, so create a free Azure profile and get going. Your Azure free membership comes with extra services for the following 12 months. You are free to utilise the complimentary services in various ways to satisfy your needs within these parameters.

  1. Microsoft Online Learning and Documentation

Microsoft Learn provides its users multiple complimentary online training and learning resources in several Microsoft technologies. You can examine all the documents on Microsoft’s official certification page.

  1. Use Practise Tests

Before taking any exam, including the AZ-204 certification exam, a candidate’s main priority should always be to take practice tests. Do as much practice as you can. Microsoft additionally provides practice exams to assist you in your Azure training.

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Along with all these, a candidate should be knowledgeable about Azure SDKs, storage options, data connections, debugging, APIs, performance optimisation, app authentication, deployment of computers and containers, and monitoring. They should be capable of writing programmes in a language that Azure supports and using other tools like Azure CLI and Azure PowerShell.

Before the AZ-204 exam, there is a significant amount of pressure to learn enormous amounts of material. But with the right direction, you can concentrate on the more important subjects by limiting your study areas.

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