Stress management: to make learning better

Stress, a typical problem with the learners of today’s age. Any event or activity that creates your mind worried and strained and lowers the working efficiency is considered as stress. Excessive stress can affect the active functioning of an individual. With stress, both physical and mental condition deteriorates. By following healthy habits, discipline, and work organisation in life, students can reduce their stress levels.

Why practice stress management

Stress when not controlled and avoided can cause a lot of disturbances in the student’s life. Overstress levels can cause some serious mental as well as physical disorders and functioning abilities of the people. Therefore adopting and practising the techniques to lower stress is important.  Also, there are several benefits of stress management, some of which are 

  • Better state of mind. 
  • improved focus and concentration in learning. 
  • Better work effectiveness 
  • Helps to attain goals and objectives. 
  • Helps in adopting a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Enhances interpersonal skills and connections with others. 

How can teachers help? 

Leaving students alone to cope up with their stress and anxieties should be avoided by the teachers. If teachers will come in their support, learners can overcome stress quickly and can become effective towards learning. Let us discuss what teachers should do in this regard. 

  1. Avoid giving vast homework: one of the main reasons why students stress out is the amount of homework received. Too many home assignments and work make students worry about how they will complete them. Many times, students fail to complete and finish it which affects their class performance. By giving short tasks for home, teachers can make sure that all are doing and submitting their homework without being under any stress or overpressure.  Using LMS portals, manage and maintain records of the students who are submitting timely and talk to the ones who are facing any problem. 
  1. Listen to your students: when there is nobody with whom we can share our thoughts and views, a sense of loneliness and stress surrounds us. Especially in young children and students, this is a common reason behind staying stressed. Therefore the teachers need to listen to their students. Few students are active and extroverts in nature but with few, you have to have got to form special efforts for interaction. Try to talk with every student in your class. With the help of LMS portals, teachers can become more manageable and can make out time to interact with all. Encourage and motivate them by speaking helpful quotes for students.  When teachers listen, students feel valued, assured, and confident. They also receive guidance which helps them in coping with their stress levels.


  1. Daily Meditation: today overthinking, pressure, and stress has become common with all of the folks. Even after trying hard, it is difficult to beat the daily stress. But a practice that will help in this is meditation. Don’t only ask students to do it at home, but make it a part of your classroom so that every student is doing it. At home sometimes students avoid doing meditation but when it becomes a classroom activity, they will surely do it. Before starting the classes, ask students to close their eyes and focus on their breathing for five to ten minutes. This will help in keeping their mind relaxed, calm and active. 

What should students do? 

Stay positive: a positive mindset will surely help to beat all the life negativities and stress levels. Our thinking is directly linked with how we perform in life. If students want to worry less and learn more, they should try to develop an optimistic mindset. Reading motivational and inspiring quotes for students will surely help. Also, students should stop comparing themselves with others. Stop underestimating and doubting yourself. Just think positive and act positively. 

Good food and sleep: people who eat and sleep inappropriately have higher chances of experiencing irritation, laziness, ineffectiveness, and more stress for coping with the work. Therefore all students must see eating healthy food and a balanced diet. Along with it, six to eight hours of sleep is extremely important to keep your mind active and stress away. 

Stay organised: those who are poor at organising are found to face more stress in their  All students should keep everything arranged properly.  Keeping all the learning and training aids like books, notebooks, and other resources systematically will help students to face less stress levels in life. 


To learn and perform better in academics, the students need to keep their minds and body active, less stressed. All the above-mentioned techniques are beneficial. Teachers can follow them to assist students with this problem. Also, we read the ideas that all should follow to lower their stress levels and act actively. 

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