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What is Cross Linking why it is important

Cross-linking is the act of linking two websites. No matter if they are owned by the same person Cross-linking is the method that allows the crosslink internet to be constructed. It lets users refer to websites that have content identical to the ones they are currently viewing, and might be of additional in their.

cross linking seo

cross linking in seo is an excellent method to enhance user experience. It can also be an benefit if you have other websites linked to it. The more inbound links you can get the better. Links from other websites also help improve your ranking on search engines.

Make sure you don’t end up doing overlinking.

what does cross linking mean.

Simply put, when you make links from one page on your site to another page, you are creating an interlink. The concept behind crosslinking is how you accomplish this in order to improve the ranking of a certain page or group of pages.

Cross-linking helps search engines to understand how your site

If you use cross linking on your website search engines effortlessly through your website and also index your website very quickly when compared to a website that does not have internal linking

It is also called Link juice draining or draining of the link juice pool.

Let’s say that I have my site’s page which has numerous links from other respected websites. This implies that it’s getting lots of link juice.

This also indicates that it has lots of link juice that it can share out. Imagine the site as a reservoir of link juice that is waiting to flow to a destination.

It’ll be flowing from the links that are on the page, even if there are just internal links.

For instance when a webpage is of the keyword “what is seo ” and you would like to cross-link to your keyword “ppc” then you could give a the link as “want to know the details of “ppc click here”

Cross-linking content keeps your visitors stay on your site for longer, by suggesting content that they may like. Online stores recognize the importance of cross-links and make use of them extensively to promote related items “you might also be interested in.” Professional service companies should make use of cross-links in order to cross-sell services and to educate visitors on the site.

Cross-links come in many types. They could be as simple as an alphabetical listing of hyperlinks. However, they could be more substantial and contain an image or be sorted based on certain parameters. They can be displayed in a sidebar, on pages, inside an accordion or tab.

How It Works-

The most commonly used strategies for cross-linking

footer/sidebar hyperlinks as well as deep linking. In the event that you’ve links for your site (containing the keywords you want to rank for) that originate from domains other than your own, this is very effective for search engines. This means that the most important thing is to cross-link these websites, using related to the content, and employing keywords . This will result in an increased rank for the keyword in question and also benefit your domains.


The correct way how to accomplish Cross Linking!

cross linking website can provide you with the highly-coveted inbound links that come from a similar site. However, if you have multiple domains, be sure to do things the right way to reap the most benefits.

Unique Content Post your content to the Panda in Google and similar algorithm tweaks from other search engines. Links must be positioned between high-quality content. This means that you need to ensure that every website of yours is unique and original content. Then, both domains appear different (for users too!). If visitors think that both domains have the same place then they won’t look further.

Similar Themes- The content is to be distinct however, it shouldn’t be the main themes of the websites! If not, how are the sites going to be connected and relevant to one another. For instance, you might run a spa-related website and the other one could be a spa-massage or facials website. In this way, you can increase the quality of your links through Cross linking- as the websites now complement one another.

User Experience: Enhance it. This is the goal you have set for yourself. Connect your unique domains of content so that users can learn more about what they sought out. The human user is your main focus, not PageRank. It is important to offer users with the option of visiting other websites that are beneficial for them. Don’t forget to offer this for your users and the engines will soon follow.

Anchor Text to Cross LinkThe link must connect your domains using keyword dense anchor texts. This is beneficial for both the users and Google and other search engine. The majority of people use anchor text to determine where they are heading next and what the site they are visiting. For spiders, the keyword-rich anchor text used in cross-linking will attract them. The spiders will also see an image of the anchor text.

Help it Seem NaturalIt’s natural to the reader. is not fooled. He will see the hyperlinks that are added to the the top of your write-up to push things. That’s the reason you need to put your links where they naturally belong on the web page. This straightforward and obvious alignment makes it much easier for the user to get to the other website.

User Feedback: Create the content specifically for users, not for search engines. Your primary goal is to improve users’ experience. Connect your original domains of content for users. Give them all the information you can. Make sure you are focusing on the users, and you’re half way there.

A natural position. The placement of a link on the page’s content is vital in determining how people will view the link and whether or not they follow it. It is crucial to select a natural location for the link. The majority of users will be able distinguish pertinent links from those that aren’t.

How does cross linking works?

A common way to cross linking is to do sidebar/footer links as well as deep linking of content. It’s really simple to rank in search engines when there are links to your site that include relevant keywords from domain names of other domains.

The purpose of this method is cross-link websites with relevant keywords and related content. This will allow you enhance and improve your rankings for your keywords while also helping your domain.

  • Page A to Page B
  • Page B to Page A
  • Page A on Home Page
  • Page B, which is homepage

How does Cross linking benefit your site’s your site’s visitors?

In the example of linking an On-page-Factors web page to meta description website anyone who is reading about On-page factors might want to be aware of the meta description and what title tags mean, since it is linked and they can be assured that by clicking on the link, they will receive more details about metadescription

. Through a continuous link-crossing process on your site, you’ll establish a rapport with your visitors to educate your readers and giving them the right information.

Important elements in Cross linking!

The most crucial elements to take into consideration include :

  • Link Affiliation: If your goal was to simply cross-link your website and that’s the reason you’ve created websites, don’t forget to keep in mind that the search engine is intelligent. They will find out that and punish you for doing similar. If your website is Cross linked but has no external hyperlinks, you could be penalized by Google.
  • IP address: Try to host the two websites using different IP addresses . If the search engines recognize that both sites share the same IP address, they’ll likely not be penalizing you for linking to other sites. It
  • will also assist you in improving how effective your Cross linking on search engines.
  • Don’t spam even if it’s your own site. Don’t hyperlink each page and limit the number of hyperlinks to an absolute minimum.

Is Cross linking bad?

Actually, it’s not that important. It will give you an aid to improve your SEO rankings. If you want to reap the benefits of cross linking in seo website it is essential to perform it in a proper manner. We will look at about what Matt Cutts has to say about cross-links.

5 Steps to SEO Crosslinking

Step 1: Choose Long Tail Keywords:
Step 2: Create An Offer Around That Keyword.
Step 3: Create a Lead Capture Form.


Risks and problems

Crosslinking can be a great way to aid those involved in achieving gain a higher ranking. If it is done in excess it can result in negative consequences.

  • The risk is possibility that Google will look at these websites as linking networks, or even link farms that make unlimited cross-linking.
  • The creation of link farms and link networks is considered to be a manipulative attempt and could result in sanctions imposed by Google.
  • useless hyperlinks at the bottom of the page can cause confusion and annoy visitors regarding the legitimacy of the website.
  • Reduce the number of cross-links to a minimum.
  • Links which aren’t related to the page’s contents in relation to the topic could cause users to quit the site.
  • Crosslinking shouldn’t be used on every page because it could cause spamming on your site’s own.


Link Building is one of the most efficient methods for building an effective SEO presence and helping your website rank higher on search results pages. Crosslinking is a part of link building that’s completely within your control. Utilizing the SEO Crosslinking tips mentioned above you can quickly improve your rankings and increase organic traffic.


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