Southern Self-Storage Review: The Best Option to Consider?

Southern Self-Storage

What are Self-Storage Units?

Self-storage (also known as “device storage”) is a sector that rents storage spaces. For instance, space for rooms, lockers, containers, and outdoor space). It is also known as “storage units,” to tenants on a short-term basis. Individuals and businesses use self-storage services.

All about Southern Self-Storage

One of the most well-known storage units is the ‘Southern self-storage’ which is from best self-storage units in Hammond, LA. Southern Self-Storage first began operating in 1985. Ever since, they are giving exceptionally clean, safe, and reasonably priced storage facilities. 

They are at prime locations such as Hammond, LA, or Seaside as the locals call it. To create the transportation and storage process as simple as possible, they usually provide free dollies, super wide gates, and even wide lane availability for vehicles like trucks. 

Other advantages involve automated gate entry to illuminated indoor grounds, brightly coloured flooring, delivery acceptance, and security cameras. Year-round entrance access is also available, as are comfortable office timings.

They provide a well-lit facility with both temperature-controlled and non-temperature-controlled units. Furthermore, renters have entry from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. every day. 

Large part their facility has drive-up access, making it simple to load and unload your vehicle. Most units have roll-up doors that are simple to operate. They also have a large selection of packing boxes and wrapping materials.

Amenities Offered:

Climate-Control Device, Drive-Up Access, Gate, Indoor, Facility Manager, Parking, RV Parking, and Surveillance Camera are just a few of the options offered at Southern Self-Storage. 

Depending on what you’ll need to contain, users may find that there are certain items that are completely essential. Additionally, you can check with the onsite manager to ensure that everything you require is on site.

Types of Storage Available:

Southern Self-Storage
Plenty of red door units in this self storage facility.

Firstly, there are four types of different categories of storage: self-storage, climate-controlled storage, vehicle storage (which involves car, boat or RV storage), and commercial storage (suggested for business owners).

Now, this storage facility offers self-storage units ranging in size from 25 to 300 square feet. There is no shortage of room. Larger storage units are recommended if you have more belongings to store, or simply bulkier items or even vehicles.

Secondly, if the customer already realizes just how much belongings they need to store in self-storage, then the next step is to determine the unit size they require.

Smaller units – for example 5’x5′ or 5’x10′, can usually hold the same number of objects as a closet: some few chairs and lamps, sports goods, garden tools, as well as some boxes.

If you want more storage, then consider transferring on to larger sizes. For example – the 10’x10′ and 10’x15′ units are similar to a bedroom or a living room – larger furniture, durable equipment, and bicycles can accommodate here. 

Subsequently, a 10’x20′ unit can hold the material of a three-bedroom house, whereas a larger 10’x30′ unit can effortlessly hold the items of a filled semi-truck.

Why must one store their belongings at Southern Self Storage – 306 Market Street?

Renting a self-storage unit makes it much easier to keep your home neat and tidy and clutter-free. You can store your less-often-used personal possessions in this. For example,furniture, seasonal products, hobby equipment, and heavy objects that take up a significant amount of space through your household. 

Southern Self-Storage – 306 Market Street’s rates begin at $55. Leasing a storage unit is a wise solution for those who are relocating, renovating, downsizing, or simply decluttering their home.

Additional Information

Most renters are recommended to store their items in a temperature controlled units, instead of a non-temperature controlled unit. Climate-controlled storage units maintain the required temperatures and moisture levels throughout the year. 

Therefore, they are ideal for any of your sensitive materials. Temperature and humidity fluctuations can damage a wide range of items, which is why many people prefer to store items such as wooden furniture, electronic parts, artistic work, documents and portraits, collectibles, antiques, and so on in climate-controlled units. 

If the items you’re loading are valuable to you, you must think about renting a climate-controlled storage unit.


Southern Self-Storage is one of the best storages located throughout diverse locations in USA. It is highly recommended for storage of any sort of items, and provides different range of storage units as per the requirement of the individual. 

The Staff is friendly and cooperative. With its prime locations areas, it is easily accessible. Anybody who needs just the extra space for storing away their belongings, Southern Self-Storage is the right place for you!   

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