Do Night Vision Glasses Actually Work?

Night Vision Glasses Our depth of vision reduces after dusk. This makes many tasks challenging to conduct, if not stressful, like driving. Driving in the dark can be taxing on the eyes because it requires continuous focus. The bright light from oncoming vehicles only adds to the problem. This is why many people are shifting to night vision glasses. These help in making night-time driving easier. How do they do it? What are the benefits of wearing them? Let’s have a look: 

1. Anti-Reflective 

Since every vehicle is being driven with headlights on at night, you have vehicles around you whose lights will create an inconvenient driving experience. The rays will be reflected in the rear-view and side-view mirrors from the cars behind you, and the oncoming cars will shine their light directly into your eyes. This would mean that in addition to the inconvenience caused, you will have to be more focused while driving during the night than you will be during the day. Night driving glasses help ease some of the focus. They have an anti-reflective coating that minimizes the impact of lights directly shining in your eyes. As a result, the inconvenience will be minimized and you can drive more comfortably. 

2. Scratch Resistant 

This is especially beneficial for those who drive a two-wheeler. Most two-wheeler drivers wear glasses to prevent dust from entering their eyes while driving. But wearing glasses comes with its own risk of getting scratches from any object that the glasses protect from getting into the eyes. Over time, the glasses develop scratches and have to be replaced. However, night vision glasses for driving are scratch-resistant. This means that you can use them for a much longer time, and scratches won’t cause any problem while driving. 

3. UV Protection 

Night vision driving glasses are not designed to be only worn during the night. You can also wear them during the day as even the sun directly getting into your eyes can be an issue while driving. In many cases, it can be difficult to manage. But the night glasses for driving also provide UV protection. So they protect your eyes from the direct sunlight and the UV rays of the sun. 

4. Visual Comfort 

What separates night vision glasses from other glasses is visual comfort. Not only are the night vision glasses scratch-resistant, anti-glare, and anti-reflective, but several glasses also improve visibility after dark. 

To answer in short, whether or not night vision glasses actually work? They do. Gradually, they are becoming a preferred choice of eyewear for people while driving. Even those who driving two-wheelers with their helmet’s visor lowered prefer to wear glasses while driving, for extra protection and better visibility. 

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