Huddersfield Town and BK8 Form New Global Partnerships

It has been confirmed that Huddersfield Town will continue to be BK8’s Global Betting Partner in the near future. A deal was struck that would allow both parties to extend the contract until the end of the 2021/2022 season if they could agree to do so.

International Collaborations with BK8

BK8 has recently made a significant investment in European football clubs by sponsoring them. Five La Liga clubs, including Athletic Bilbao, Villarreal CF, RCD Mallorca and Elche, signed contracts with BK8 as the European leagues began their seasons in August. These contracts lasted the entire season because of the possibility of renewal.

Also, the betting company approached Kelly Smith, a well-known English female footballer, about assisting her with fundraising efforts on behalf of her foundation. As a result of this deal, the BK8 was able to gain access to European football. A major blow was dealt to BK8 when a £5 million deal with Norwich City was called off just five days after it had been agreed upon. earlier in the season

Norwich and BK8 have agreed to end their relationship

In response to BK8’s Instagram postings of soft-porn images, the club’s supporters started a #hergametoo hashtag campaign. This fan thought it went against everything the club stood for. That resulted in a termination of the contract after just five days.

Huddersfield Town is confident in BK8’s values because of recent partnerships with several European clubs and individual players.

Huddersfield Town’s Statements Are…

We spent a lot of time talking to BK8 to understand their values, says Huddersfield Town’s CEO, Mark Devlin. Our understanding of BK8’s core team and business objectives is complete. Recent progress by BK8 has been aided greatly by their collaboration with former England footballer Kelly Smith and her non-profit foundation.

An important factor in the club’s decision to work with BK8 was their support for grassroots football. To refresh your memory, BK8 is a prominent Asian online casino. For the most part, this is due to the following factors:

As a result of its well-known reputation and excellent service, BK8 is one of most trusted online casino Singapore. It is also legal to operate because of the licences it has obtained from some of the most reputable online gambling regulators.

BK8 has all of the most popular casino games in the region and the world. With Evolution Gaming and Playtech included on this list, customers and other stakeholders had no choice but to have faith in them.

You can always rely on their excellent customer service, and they’re always on hand to help. In addition to WhatsApp, WeChat, and Telegram, customers can contact them via these and other messaging services. As a result, customer satisfaction has gone up.

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