Why Can an Online Casino Withdrawal be Delayed?

Playing online casino games is fun, and fighting for that cash prize gives us an adrenaline rush. Nothing can match the joy of seeing our bank balance go up with that betting money.

Now imagine you won a bet but are not able to withdraw your money! How would you feel? Not so good, right?

Depositing into your online casino account is usually a quick and easy process. That’s because deposits are processed instantly, assuming there is no problem. If you have the joy of winning at slots, blackjack, poker, or any other game, you should be able to proceed with an instant withdrawal. The reliability and legitimacy of online sites are very important when it comes to online gaming. There are existing websites that let you compare fully regulated and licensed bingo, casino and slot sites, thus provide you access to the very best Slingo games online.

However, unlike deposits, withdrawals can usually take some time to complete. That’s because the casino finance department must verify and approve the payment before it can reach your account.

In addition to the typical processing time, other factors can cause delays in your withdrawal. Some can be account related, while others may be affected by casino bonus restrictions or payout limits. This article will concisely explain why your online casino withdrawal may be delayed and how to avoid it.

Reasons Why an Online Casino Withdrawal May Be Delayed or Denied

Withdrawal Limits Not Reached

Most, if not all, online casinos have a minimum withdrawal limit that players must meet. In the most permissible cases, an amount of as little as $5 can be withdrawn. But other casinos may require higher withdrawal amounts, like $50 and up.

If this minimum withdrawal amount is not met, it cannot be requested, and the payment department will reject it. That’s why it’s important always to read the terms and conditions to know the minimum withdrawal of your chosen online casino.

Account Verification Not Complete

Unverified accounts are one of the main reasons why an online casino withdrawal can be delayed or declined. Every legal casino that works under serious licenses has the obligation, at some point, to ask for account verification or KYC from its clients.

That’s usually requested if the account has something suspicious or reached a certain withdrawal or deposit amount.

In a few words, what is required to verify the account is:

  • Personal identification
  • Address verification
  • Payment method verification

Duplicate Accounts

Creating more than one account either to use the welcome bonus or for whatever reason is a huge breach of the terms and conditions. Online casinos are ruthless with this rule; if a duplicate account is discovered, the winnings are immediately confiscated, and the account is closed forever.

There are cases where not even the deposit is returned, the entire balance is seized, and there is nothing to claim.

Wrong Details in the Payment Method

At the time of withdrawal, one may make a mistake while putting the bank account number or selecting the type of account. It will inevitably result in the withdrawal failing and the money being returned to your casino account.

Although, in most cases, a withdrawal will bounce in case of incorrect details. It may also happen that this money does not return and ends up in the account of a third party.

That’s why you must pay close attention when withdrawing so as not to make any mistakes. If the processing takes between 1 and 5 business days, a wrong withdrawal can double the normal waiting time.

Wagering Requirement Not Met

It’s common to withdraw part of the winnings without meeting the wagering requirement. It applies to not only bonuses but also deposits. Most online casinos require the deposit to be wagered once in full before you can request a withdrawal.

Let’s see an example. You deposit $100 and receive another $100. The wagering requirement is ten times the deposit and bonus. In this case, you will need to wager $200 x 10 = $2,000 before you can cash out. If you try to withdraw having wagered $1,500, your withdrawal will be canceled. It’s vital to note if you aim to play online casino with offered bonuses. 

Withdrawal Method Different From the One Used to Deposit

Online Casino Withdrawal

It’s a rule of thumb that almost always, the method used to deposit must match the method used to withdraw. It’s for legal and anti-money laundering reasons. There is an exception when prepaid cards or vouchers are used, where it’s impossible to withdraw using the same means.

So, if you deposit with a bank card, you must withdraw again to said card. Trying to deposit and withdraw using different methods will cause the request to be rejected.


We hope this article has been useful to you. Surely there are more reasons why your online casino withdrawal may be declined or delayed. Do not hesitate to leave us your comment if that happens to you and why it happened so other readers can learn from it.

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