Free Fire Advance Server

What is Free Fire Advance Server

The Free Fire Advance Server is a software that allows gamers to test out the newest features of Free Fire before they are officially published.

Free Fire Advance Server

Free Fire Advance Server Registration

You may sign up for the Free Fire Advance Server by logging in with your Facebook account.

Free Fire Advance Server Registration

How to Register & Login for Free Fire Advance Server?

You will need to sign up for an account on the official Free Fire website in order to acquire the OB29 APK files. The first day of registration was August 4 and the last day will be August 2021. Registrations for the News server have been halted for the time being; however, registrations for the Free Fire Advance server will resume once OB29 has been made available.

Registering for Free on the Fire Advance Server

Those who have the Final Fantasy Advance Server Activation Key/Code are the only ones who may register. If a user does not have the code, they will not be able to register for the new server when it becomes available. The steps required to log in and register for FF Advanced Server are outlined below.

The user will need to begin by going to the official website of the Free Fire game, which can be found at This is the first step.
You should now see an option to log in using your Facebook account when you go to the login page.
Make use of that URL to access the download page for the FF advance server, and log on.

About Free Fire Advance Server

Before rolling out an update to the full version of the game, Free Fire establishes a test environment on an advanced server. After then, the software developer will only disclose the new features there. Users are encouraged to play the game and uncover any issues they encounter before reporting them to the Garena developers. Users that meet these criteria are rewarded with free diamonds. This not only benefits users, but it also assists the developers of Garena and FF in testing for problems and improving the overall user experience. This Final Fantasy Advance Server is only available to a select few people who are able to download and activate the activation code. Players are quite enthusiastic about the new update since it brings a variety of new features, including new weapons, characters, pets, and ability balancing, among other things. The players’ experience of the game will be enhanced in terms of intrigue and excitement as a result of this development.

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MORE INFORMATION Free Fire Advance Server

icon packagePackage Namecom.dts.freefireadv
icon licenseLicenseFree
icon systemOp. SystemAndroid
icon categoryCategoryAction/Adventure
icon languageLanguageEnglish 46 more
icon downloadDownloads2,156,115
icon dateDateMay 13th, 2022
icon ratingContent Rating+16


66.26.0 May 12th, 2022 66.25.0 Mar 14th, 2022 66.24.0 Jan 18th, 2022

66.23.0 Jan 6th, 2022 66.21.0 Jan 23th, 2022 66.20.0 Jan 24th, 2022

Access the advanced Free Fire server

Access the advanced Free Fire server

Free Fire Advance is essentially a beta version of Free Fire, and as such, it will give you access to some of the game’s newest features before they are made available to the general public. You can discover all of the newly added skins, all of the weapons that have not yet been made available, and all of the updates that will ultimately be included into the game’s default version in this section of the client.

To begin playing Free Fire Advance, you will first require an activation code, which can be obtained from the official website. To obtain this code, you will need to go to the official website (which can be reached by clicking on the relevant link) and register by providing a working email address as well as a working telephone number. Given that every activation code is one of a kind and specific to the user, it is vitally crucial not to disclose it to anybody. You should also bear in mind that access to the Advance server is restricted, which means that it is possible that you may not receive the code for a few days at the earliest.

You’ll be able to take part in the same kind of battle royale that you’re used to in Free Fire Advance, but there are a tonne of new additions to the game that will astound even the most seasoned gamers. Having said that, any and all advancements you make on the Advance server won’t be carried over to the ordinary version of Free Fire when you play it.

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