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How to Choose the Best Cot Mattress for Your Baby?

After buying a baby cot, the next issue is getting the right cot mattress for your baby. Sleep is essential to your child. So, you need to ensure that you provide a safe and comfortable mattress as possible.

Fortunately, the market has many cot mattresses to choose from. But this availability also makes it hard for a person to settle on one. Read on to learn more about cot mattresses and how to choose the perfect one for your little one.

What Are the Types of Cot Mattresses?

There are mainly three types of cot mattresses to choose from;

  • Foam mattresses– these offer excellent support and allow the child to maintain their natural posture while sleeping.
  • Spring or pocket spring mattresses- these mattresses have layers of springs and foam padding inside. They also provide support to your child, keeping them in shape.
  • Coir or natural fiber cot mattresses- have coconut fiber and are breathable and hypoallergenic.

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Things to Consider When Shopping for a Cot Mattress

Several things can help you choose the right mattress for your child, including;

The Mattress’s Fit

You need to get the correct size and shape of the mattress for your baby. It’s easy for your baby’s limbs to stick around the sides of their coat with a small bed. Ensure that the mattress leaves less than a 3cm gap around its sides and edges. This allows you to tuck your baby safely and comfortably.

Most sellers sell cot beds with the mattresses specifically designed for them. The mattress should have an 8-10cm depth to support your child while they sleep. Some companies offer customized mattresses. So if you’re unable to find the right mattress size for your cot, think of approaching these companies.

The Firmness Level

When choosing a mattress for your child, always pick a firm one. Please avoid too soft beds as they can conform to the baby’s shape, suffocating them or creating a SIDS hazard. Therefore, even if you find a mattress extremely firm and uncomfortable to you, still choose that option for your child’s safety.


Temperature is also another crucial factor when purchasing a cot mattress. You don’t want the bed to be too hot since overheating is associated with a high risk of SIDS. For this reason, it’s best to choose a mattress with excellent breathability.

If the mattress is breathable, it can easily absorb sweat from your baby, and it will remain dry. If you’re concerned about allergies or asthma, you may opt for a hypoallergenic or anti-allergenic mattress. Ensure the mattress can be washed to remove dust that may cause an allergic reaction.


Cost shouldn’t be the number one factor when buying a mattress for your baby because, most times, you get what you pay for. However, you have to decide whether you want a new mattress or a used one. A brand new mattress can cost $129-$229, which is expensive for some people. If your budget is tight, consider getting a used mattress.

But remember that the more a mattress is used, the more it loses its firmness. And you need your mattress to be firm at all times for your child’s safety. Also, a used mattress may have bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus due to a leak or bottle spill. Some studies also associate it with SIDS. For this reason, a new mattress is always recommended.

Best Cot Mattress

The Material

Mattresses come in different materials, including foam, coil-sprung, organic, double-sided, and pocket sprung. All these have their perks and drawbacks. For instance, an organic mattress is allergen-free as it is made from natural materials. But it is the most expensive. On the other hand, Foam mattresses are cheaper but lose their shape with time. Weigh out the pros and cons of each mattress before you decide.

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