Is Huawei band6 Good for You – A Guide for Beginners

Huawei band6 is the latest in cutting-edge technology Nowadays, many customers prefer a smartwatch to a wearable device because smartwatches have a larger, wider display and may serve as an everyday timepiece. Fitness bands usually have quite a pill-shaped style with large bezels and a small display. Huawei’s latest Band 6 tracker tries to remedy that by providing a larger display and a more appealing appearance.

A few of the main features is that it has blood pressure and heart rate tracking, SpO2, sleep tracking, and 96 workout programs. It costs less than Rs 5,000 and is forced to compete with Xiaomi’s popular Mi band line. Here’s our in-depth review of the Huawei Band6.

What’s best about the Huawei Band 6?

Huawei’s latest gadget features a more stylish quality and screen than most low-cost fitness trackers band on the market. The gadget has a large 1.47-inch screen with tiny bezels around it, which would be excellent because you do not even get that in the lower category so often. Due to its AMOLED display, the screen is neither dull nor produces rich colors. The touch-sensitive screen is so brilliant that certain users may buy the band only by staring at it.

The smart band’s body is built of polycarbonate. It can be underwater in approximately 50 meters of water and therefore is water-resistant up to 5 ATMs. Huawei promises that its Band 6 comes with silicone straps that are UV-treated and dirt-resistant.

Using Huawei’s Fitness tracker, you can choose between various attractive smartwatches. The smartwatch has an auto-screen mode that allows you to keep the display on just for 5 minutes. It does not, however, always happen. This is a significant feature that lets you raise your head to awaken. The Always-on-Display (AoD) function is not available in Huawei.

The entire experience was flawless, and I had no problems using the user interface. The UI is easy, and you’ll be able to rapidly reach the majority of the functionality. However, the touch sensitivity was also excellent.

The Huawei Band6 does not have a built-in GPS. Thus it depends on your smartphone to monitor distance. According to our tests, the smartwatch would provide nearly exact distance data, which would be superior for many budget watches.

The Huawei Band6 has 96 different exercises, which really is remarkable knowing that smartwatches in this budget range usually have as many options. However, the step tracking isn’t very reliable, with a jump of about 20 steps per 100.

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On the band, the amazing feature which Huawei has also included an auto-lock function. This will lock the display whenever the band is enabled, even when you’re not wearing it. Huawei added that feature to provide users with privacy, as they get all message alerts on the band as well.

What’s not to like about the Huawei Band 6?

The Huawei Band6’s straps are also not detachable, which is a concern. Brands normally give users this option; however, Huawei has made a risky move, as it could be the cause why users skip this band. As a result, you must be changed a wearable if the straps become destroyed.

However, menstrual cycle monitoring is also available, which is a useful function for getting period reminders. However, the app did not send any reminders. On the other hand, Huawei can address it with a software upgrade.

Should you get the Huawei Band 6?

The Huawei Band6 is a fantastic fitness watch that comes inside the Rs 5,000 price range. The smart band has a variety of fitness modes, important healthcare tracking capabilities, and a colourful display. Those who dislike wearables with such a small screen or portability should choose the Huawei Band 6, which has an ideal display size.

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