How Page Load Speed Impacts On SEO & How To Improve It?

Page load speeds have been a component in Google’s search ranking algorithms since the spring of 2010. According to Google, faster-loading pages should be placed higher because they give a better user experience. 

“Faster sites create pleased users,” according to Google’s own words. Our users value speed just as much as we do, which is why we’ve decided to factor it into our search ranks.”

What do we know about the page speed algorithms used by Google? What can web admins do to speed up website load speeds (both for Google and users)? SEO Atlanta will help to improve your website speed.

It has an impact on the user experience

Users will no longer tolerate poor website performance. They’re also picky about how quickly a website loads.

According to statistics, 47% of consumers anticipate a web page to load in less than two seconds. 

Meanwhile, studies reveal that 75% of visitors will bounce (leave the page) if the loading time exceeds three seconds. You can take help from SEO Dallas to boost your website.

This means that every second spent waiting for a page to load costs money

According to a Think With Google poll, page loading time increases the bounce rate (the percentage of users who leave the site after seeing only one page). The increasing bounce rate impacts user engagement and interaction metrics in general. SEO Atlanta will help to improve your website speed.

Page Load Speed

It Affects Online Visibility and SEO in a Big Way

Mobile devices accounted for more than 53% of all internet traffic in 2018. Google made mobile page speed a ranking consideration in the same year. Page load time has become increasingly important since then.

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Businesses had no choice but to optimize their website for mobile devices once Google declared its focus on mobile-first indexing a few years ago. Sites that perform poorly on mobile have since been sent to the bottom of the search engine results page (SERPs).

Getting higher rankings is nearly difficult if your mobile page speed isn’t up to par. You can take help from SEO Dallas to boost your website.

Sales and conversions fall or rise as a result of it

Do you realize that every second your website takes to load affects conversions by 7%?

There’s no getting around it: you’re losing money if your site isn’t doing well. Low site speed already drives away a large number of potential customers, reducing your chances of converting visitors.

The effect of the page load speed on Amazon’s sales was investigated. It was calculated that if the site’s load time increases by one second, the corporation will lose 1.6 billion dollars each year. According to the Search Engine Journal, 70% of customers believe that site speed influences their purchasing decisions.

As a result, by increasing the speed of your website, you may expect to see an increase in ranks, conversions, and, eventually, revenues. SEO Atlanta will help to improve your website speed.

Improve Page Loading Speed By Using a Content Distribution Network (CDN)

Using a content delivery network is one of the most effective ways to improve website loading times (CDN). A CDN can cut the time it takes for your site to load by 20% to 51%.

Your entire website is hosted on a single server in the traditional approach. And it is this server that handles all of the site’s requests. When your site receives many visitors, the number of requests climbs dramatically. As a result, your server’s load grows. As a result, the request processing time increases, causing the page load time to be delayed.

Furthermore, when a user is located further away from the server, the page load time increases. Because the data must travel a greater distance, the load time will be longer.

A CDN can address these issues. Your website is hosted across a global network of servers by CDNs. When a user submits a request, the data is routed to the server closest to their location.

Additionally, by caching your data across multiple servers, you can save up to 60% on traffic. It is no longer necessary for a single server to handle all requests. You can take help from SEO Dallas to boost your website.


That concludes the discussion. Use these suggestions to improve the speed of your website and its search engine presence. You can take help from iBoost Web to boost the speed of your web page.

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