Business ideas for girls with minimal investment

More and more often on the domestic market, there are startups created by young women and girls practically from scratch. An important role in this is played by the development of Internet marketing and the popularization of social networks, which allow you to start your own business without the cost of renting space and advertising. Creativity in solving many practical problems, as well as patience and willingness to work with small turnovers, make this category of entrepreneurs more stable in the market in times of crisis. And that is why business ideas for girls with minimal investment are the most pressing topic in recent times.

Business directions for girls with a potentially high income

To get not just additional income, but to earn solid capital, it is best to offer the market new solutions or products. These solutions can be very time-consuming for busy young people students, so to have time to come up with and implement all the business ideas is to find support from special online services for writing homework, you just need to apply: “I am looking for someone who can write my research paper for me” and service employees will help you with the task at once, leaving time for business development. It can be your own ideas or simply areas that are not yet represented in the domestic market. The most promising in this category are the following areas of activity:

  • Developing aggregators or rating sites. Girls know very well how much time can be spent looking for the right thing in online stores or specialists providing quality services in a certain city. If you experience firsthand the lack in a certain direction, then you have found an undeveloped niche. For example, you can combine ratings of dance or music teachers, fitness trainers, tailors at home, create an aggregator to find dresses by color or cost, style. This will allow your customers at any time and anywhere in the world to find the right result as quickly as possible. If you have programming skills, you can do everything yourself, or, if it’s difficult, to order the services of programmers on the freelance exchanges, which will cost about $ 500. By the way, many Western businesswomen have already earned over a million dollars on this idea.

Business ideas for girls

  • Clothing and accessories. This is one of the most profitable areas in today’s domestic market. You can come up with brand new stylish and practical things or revive the fashion for the forgotten. These can be unusual ties, sleep masks, clothes-transformer, clothing in the style of Family Look, modern religious clothing (for Muslims, Orthodox Christians), models for sports and tourism, designer bags, and much more. It is better to start with individual production. In this case, the cost of investment in such a business will not be high – up to $ 500 to buy a sewing machine, scissors, and materials. Working in this direction, you can easily retrain in the production of other types of goods.

  • B2B services aimed at the female target audience. Statistically, the biggest problems in female entrepreneurship are related to discrimination and misunderstanding from male partners. This opens up great opportunities for girls in advertising, consulting, and logistics. For example, you can create a female courier service to deliver goods to female customers and offer outsourcing services to lingerie or clothing stores. To start you will need from $ 100 to advertise and build a staff of female employees who are ready to deliver.

What kind of business to open a female student?

According to experts, the student years are the best time to start your own business? Students are open in communication, always ready to learn, and ready to take on even the blackest work. In addition, they always have a large number of potential customers, among their circle of friends and fellow students. You can consider the following options for a girl’s business during her studies:

  • Mini photo studio. To get started you will need a DSLR camera (you can buy a used one for $400) and an attractive friend to create a portfolio. If you have acquaintances who like to do makeup, get them involved. To stand out, create unique images. You can start photoshoots for recommendations, gain experience, and gradually increase the payment. Once you have your first income, invest it in equipment or studio rental.
  • Agency for part-time students. You can help other people find part-time work and take a commission for it. To start such a business, you will need your own website where you can make a list of possible services (cleaning, construction work, advertising, catering). Its creation will cost you from 100 dollars. You can advertise the agency on social networks or through ads. Direct employees you can recruit in advance, compile a database of questionnaires, or as needed to perform a specific order. To avoid deception on the part of customers, you must always conclude a contract for the work and require an advance payment of up to 50%.

For female students living in the dorms, the following ideas would be a great choice:

  • Domestic services for girls. This includes the classic women’s business – doing manicures, makeup, repairing, and sewing clothes. You can also rent various accessories (handbags, hats, jewelry, neckerchiefs), which can be bought gradually or ordered from Chinese online stores at a discount. Start-up capital to start from $ 200 for the purchase of minimal equipment or range.
  • Trivial, but profitable business for the student will also provide services for copying, scanning, and printing documents, which is enough to buy an MFP and install it in your room. This would require at least $100. Choosing this method, before buying equipment, carefully calculate the future cost of consumables so that the final cost of services was profitable for you.

Profitable business ideas for a girl in a small town

 Women’s entrepreneurship in a small town has its own peculiarities. You can create a traditional business and work exclusively for the domestic market, or you can offer services and goods to the whole world, dealing with areas that do not require attachment to the place of residence.

Types of traditional women’s business for a small town

In order to succeed in this direction, it is necessary, first of all, to identify scarce goods or services. At the same time, the latter should have a constant demand, because if you offer a short-lived product, the flow of customers very soon will be significantly reduced. For example, you can engage in the following activities:

Legal services to the population. To open a law firm does not need to have special education. Knowing how to carry out various bureaucratic procedures, you can help residents of your city as a representative to open and close IE, obtain visas and passports, to advise on the registration of social benefits. To gain experience and start working in this field, it is enough to perform several free orders to acquaintances in exchange for spreading information about your activities. In addition, you can advertise through social networks or bulletin boards. Working in this direction, it is very important to have a presentable appearance, otherwise, customers may not take you seriously.

Business ideas for girls

Sale of goods from foreign sites. In small cities, people are less interactive and spend most of their time on the internet in social networks, completely unaware of how to use electronic payment systems and make purchases on foreign sites. This opens up great prospects because working under the order, you will be able to buy a variety of products simultaneously, from cosmetics and clothing to auto parts. It is best to work on the prepayment from the client. If this is difficult, you can offer to prepay up to 50%. Your services can be paid at the rate or as a percentage of the purchase price.

Another big problem in small towns is the lack of entertainment. In this area, it is better for girls to work with children or women. For example, you can open a mobile mini-theater for children, offering puppet shows, shadow theater, or animator services. In parallel, you can offer women and girls to write scripts and hold bachelorette parties, organize one-day tourist trips out of town or to neighboring cities with an interesting cultural and entertainment program (theaters, museums, quests, training on spiritual development). To increase the number of potential customers, you can also offer services in nearby cities and towns. To begin with, you need to make props (can be from improvised means), advertising, a database of scripts and soundtracks, which you can prepare yourself or order on the freelance markets, spending about 100-200 dollars. It is very important that your product is unique, not downloaded from the Internet, because if the client catches you on the fake, in a small town your reputation will be irretrievably ruined.

Small business for girls without a geographical reference

In addition to working for the domestic market of your region, you can start a business on the Internet, which will allow you even from a small town to reach a huge number of customers.

In this direction, you can build the following business for a girl:

Production of handmade products. If you live in the outback, use this to your advantage. Position yourself in the market as a master of the ancient art of your region. It is especially profitable in this direction to work for the foreign market, selling things on foreign handicraft exchanges or eBay.

You can engage in: painting on wooden products, embroidering paintings, making compositions for jewelry, macrame weaving, or even weaving tapestries. The cost of such products can be set very high, which will give you a good income, even with a small number of sales. To start will require the purchase of materials, which depends on the chosen activity.

Online girlfriends. One of the global problems for most women is the fear of sharing intimate things with family and friends. In this case, there is often a desire to get advice on the situation from a disinterested person. To this category of women, you can offer the services of a pen pal for a nominal fee. Such a business will suit girls who are interested in psychology. To begin with, you can simply place an ad on online boards or women’s forums.

What kind of business can a girl open in cooking

One of the most popular types of business for girls at home in recent years is making confectionery products to order. Gingerbread, biscuits, macaroons, cupcakes, and eclairs are leading the way in this area. If you have a potential audience and an original style, you can try your hand at baking these types of products and try to take your place among the huge number of competitors. On the other hand, it will be more productive to find new types of products for the domestic market and ways to serve them: Pretzels – they can be not only sweet and salty, but also salty, and therefore they can be baked for both children’s and adults’ holidays. There are many pretzel recipes, but you can add your own special ingredients to them. To attract more customers, you can offer to bake such a treat for summer picnics and corporate parties. You will need about $2 and one hour of time to make 20 servings of the simplest pretzels, and you can earn $20 from selling them.

Homemade candy from natural ingredients – These treats will be very popular at children’s parties. They can be made from fresh berries and fruits in the summer or from dried fruits in the winter. To start, you will need to choose a few of the most interesting recipes, prepare them and shoot a portfolio. You can advertise your product on social networks or through ads.

Cake pops are original gingerbread on sticks with different kinds of icing and decorations. They are tastier than gingerbread, more convenient than cupcakes, and more economical than cakes. The cost of seven servings is comparable to the price of a full industrial cake, and the time and money spent on ingredients is much lower. In addition, as in the case of candy, you will need to make some interesting variations to prepare a portfolio, further investment you can get from the customer in advance.

Choosing cooking as a business, you need to understand that this type of activity should be taken seriously and avoid low-quality products and non-compliance with sanitary norms. Any misstep can lead to customer complaints and even legal action.

Unusual Business ideas for girls for a girl with minimal investment There are areas of business in which it is rare to find a young girl. On the other hand, the more unusual the specifics, the more respect such a woman entrepreneur arouses from others and clients. The following ideas can be considered in this direction:

Airbrush studio. If you know how to draw, you can provide services for painting cars, premises, and facades, advertising signs, casings of household appliances, bicycle transport, baby carriages, plumbing fixtures, blinds, furniture, and many other surfaces. To start you will need to buy a set of equipment, worth up to $ 500, create a portfolio, and an advertising campaign on the Internet.

Manufacturing of designer kites. The popularity of this area in the domestic market is still low, but only because of the lack of quality products. Most of the range is represented by Chinese trinkets, which often do not even fly. If you feel an engineering ability and are ready for the creative process, then this idea will give you an opportunity to create a unique domestic brand and become famous throughout the world. To get started you will need to design, manufacture and test several models. The cost of materials will be up to $300. Having received a quality product, advertise on specialized forums and social networks. If the product will be to the taste of the users, you can make it to order, or attract funding to start production through crowdfunding sites.

 Breeding snakes for restaurants and pet stores. This original home business is for the most adventurous girls. Almost all species of snakes are suitable for eating, so it is better to protect yourself and choose non-poisonous ones. However, before you buy pairs for breeding, it is better to ask restaurateurs what kinds of snakes they are willing to buy. If you feel sorry for the reptiles, but the business idea interests you, you can breed snakes just for sale. But in this case, you can forget about regular earnings. Start-up capital for such a business will be about $ 300 to buy a few pairs of individuals, terrariums, and food. This is quite a profitable business, but the income will not be fast. To make the snakes before sales are on self-sufficiency, you can also rent them out to photo studios and advertising agencies.

Presented business ideas for girls with the minimal investment you can use both in their original form, and as a basis for developing your own model. At the same time, the main rule for achieving success remains the same – a responsible approach and hard work, without which no business will bring results. However, before you start work, you should not forget about the need to study the legal side of your business, so as not to get into unpleasant situations with violations of copyrights or current legislation.


The world of business and startups is very diverse. this world is most open to students because it is at a young age that we are most open to new ideas that we can bring to life. Young people often have a lot of confidence and make big plans that they successfully bring to life. Undoubtedly, it all takes time which college and assignments skillfully take away, but there are solutions to this problem –the best cheap essay writing service. Using the help of such services you will forget about the problem of time pressure forever and can confidently spend most of your time developing new ideas, completing tasks, and eating a successful business.

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