Can anyone promise SEO results?

Companies often seem to have an opinion that digital services that guaranteed SEO results are authentic and risk-free. Well, that’s completely wrong. Any organization that promises you 100% results, puts a timeline on when you can expect returns, and so on are most likely going to end up a huge waste of your time. If you have hopes of succeeding in the online market in 2022, you definitely should avoid guaranteed SEO results services, and here’s why. 

Why Avoid Assured SEO Services?

Google’s Rules Don’t Comply with Assured Services

Google itself warns website owners and SEO experts to steer away from any agency that ensures SEO rankings or great results. Experts mention that any good agency must be able to give you realistic estimates of improvement backed with a tangible timeline of the work to be done. This is because no SEO professional has an all-access card to the workings of Google or any search engine’s ever-shifting algorithms. No one can promise you first place on SERPs, even if they’re the best. 

Assured Services Are Marketing Schemes

Digital agencies that do not have a great reputation often try to promise great results with 100% money-back offers to draw in online businesses that aren’t able to understand SEO results and can’t get to Google’s first page. When these guarantees aren’t met, the agency may often pull out of the money-back guarantee and cover it up with lip services like discounted rates, special services, and so on. But by then, most companies realize that they’re better off without the agency and end up losing the initial investment as well. 

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SEO Companies Have No Control 

As we mentioned, agencies and experts cannot control how Google’s algorithm works but can only influence a good result. Google is constantly updating its algorithm, adding newer ranking factors and updates that even experts need to learn how to handle. This is why professionals can never plan around these upgrades, only follow the best SEO practices. On top of this, even if they do follow the best practices, if the content or web interface is not great, no expert can influence online traffic organically. This is why SEO assurances aren’t just useless, they’re ethically problematic. 

Only Black-Hat Companies Make SEO Guarantees 

We know that these practices are ethically wrong, so it would make sense that most reputable agencies would never sell you guaranteed services. On the other hand, black-hat companies are known for their ‘hacks’ and ‘workarounds’ in search engine optimization, and this is just another trick. These companies usually employ strategies that go against Google’s Terms of Service. 

From tactics like purchasing low-quality links for your website to using negative SEO to push your competition’s ranking, the practices are usually below-the-belt. Now they do often show results in the short run, making it easier to give you such assurances. However, in the long run, Google does catch up to what’s happening. This may lead to your rankings falling completely and sometimes even removal from its index. 

Sketchy SEO companies will insist on delivering more than they can chew off. They often offer guaranteed SEO services without important context or tangible solutions. A reputable agency capable of bringing your site up in Google’s rank will never make such promises and focus on the most essential marketing metrics that go by Google’s rules to ensure you see steady improvement and eventual success. 

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