5 Local SEO Challenges Professional Agencies can solve

Local SEO is a famous marketing strategy that makes businesses more visible in targeted local markets. Companies having a physical presence in any geographical area can bank on this strategy to get better reach and market awareness. In simple words, local SEO helps businesses rank high in local search results on Google. In Atlanta’s booming startup scene, hiring a professional Atlanta SEO Company is more than just an option.

Atlanta, the most populous city in Georgia, is also one of the five largest tech hubs in the nation. Home to more than 150,000 businesses and 300 startups, the city is one of the fastest-growing tech centers in Georgia. 16 Atlanta companies have already anchored steadily in the Fortune 500 list. Besides that, the city is also termed the ‘Transaction Alley.’ That’s because it processes more than 70% of all offline and online transactions. 

Looking at the city’s economic prosperity, hundreds of startups are rising. But that also brings insane levels of competition. Local SEO, a distinct strategy, has always proved beneficial in helping startups gain market relevance. However, without the support of a professional agency, companies are likely to face the following challenges –

Unavailability of Required SEO Resources

Startup companies do not always have a multi-dimensional team to cover every aspect of digital marketing. Most companies have an in-house marketing team that lacks SEO resources and tools. Besides that, their expertise limitations often exclude local SEO tactics and strategies, which hamper their productivity. Therefore, working with the in-house team might not be convenient if the company is looking for local SEO solutions.

However, companies working with SEO agencies notice the difference. They get access to all the latest tools and resources along with the expertise of skilled professionals.

Google’s Algorithms keep changing

Startups aware of the digital marketing world know about the dynamic nature of Search Engine Optimization strategies. That is large because Google’s algorithms keep changing with time. On average, Google search engine algorithms change around 1000 times a year. Therefore, new trends keep rising up and down every now and then. Any in-house marketing team might fall short of ideas in such a scenario. 

So, businesses looking to boost local SEO tactics must hire a professional SEO agency. Their expert teams always stay updated on the latest algorithms. They continuously track changes and derive changelogs from helping your company in boosting local SEO.

Failing to Identify the Right Strategy

Most in-house marketing teams have a lot on their to-do list. It might be a burden for them to also focus on your company’s local SEO strategies. That also leads to failure to identify the right strategies or tactics and leverage them for better results. 

Nevertheless, companies can save themselves from this situation by hiring a professional SEO agency. Their appropriate strategies and to-the-point SEO tactics will address the right solution for your business. SEO agencies have trained experts who can provide leadership to clients in their online ventures. Their suggested techniques are more likely to bring better local SEO results for your company.

Inadequate Localized Content

One of the pillars of local SEO tactics is content localization. It is a different branch and not a mere different term used for translation services. In fact, localization begins from the point translation ends.

Without proper localization, websites lack credibility in different target regions. To elaborate, your business website and its content for the US market might not do well in a local Asian market. Often, poor localization leads to bad local SEO rankings in search engine results. In such cases, companies need a trusted SEO agency alongside localization solutions. Hiring professionals will ensure your website content matches the local dialect and expressions.

Improper Keyword Flow

It requires trained and experienced SEO professionals to research the most applicable keywords for local SEO. It is, in fact, one of the hardest things for in-house marketers. On top of that, using keywords without a natural flow disrupts the rhythm of the content. In most cases, the keywords seem entirely out of context and forced into place. There is, however, a solution when companies hire SEO agencies.

The best SEO service providers in Atlanta know about the local markets. With reference to the city’s budding startup ecosystem, they will frame keywords that target the local audience. Therefore, they solve the problem of improper keyword flow in your website content.

Wrapping Up

Connect with an Atlanta SEO Company to get professionals on board who can help your company frame local SEO strategies. The most experienced teams conceptualize and implement popular tactics and techniques for the betterment of your company. 

Besides having local SEO solutions, they can also provide better assistance to your company’s marketing efforts. Companies with an SEO partner are more likely to have a better market reach, engagement, and, ultimately, revenues.

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